By Anonymous - 22/01/2021 14:31 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, I drunkenly hooked up with a meth dealer I just met online. Of course this occurred at his place, since he's on home detention for drug trafficking - ankle bracelet and all. Worst part? I really liked it. FML
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I mean - that's pretty much all on you.

Um hmm how did you find this person? meth finder


I mean - that's pretty much all on you.

Um hmm how did you find this person? meth finder

coius 23

The partner to tinder: syringe

he must have been really charming for you to accept meth dick

of course you liked it. he has that bad boy vibe. it's in your genetics to view such behaviors as alpha and desireable.

Lora Wood 11

Well every one has to be good at something....

Okay kids, let's do a fun math question! (I promise it's more fun than it sounds) 1 woman so drunk she ***** a meth-head + 1 meth-head who was most likely high as **** when they ****** + The combined incompetence of a drunk and a meth-head + 9 months = ? Everyone who answers this correctly gets 100 cookies of their choice, a Covid vaccine, and the chance to one day go to Disney World. You will have to pay for it yourselves, however.

If that's what the youth of today call babies, then yes.

flagbitch 8

Idc how good that dick is, you leave it alone! Only destructive bitches who desire feeling like your ****** is on fire from the std he gave you deserve dick on lock down!

Yummi_913 18

I mean... you were sober when you decided to go to a meth traffickers house alone..... you must not have much self respect, or any sense of danger. Or you're just so soooo desperate. At least do yourself a favor and don't start doing meth too. In any case, YDI. But congrats on the good dick I guess.

Warp1978 15

he has a nice bracelet to prove that he is not a good dealer, but you know where he is at XD