By noname - 07/11/2010 04:04 - Canada

Today, I was mad at my mother. Why? We went to parent-teacher interviews, and she told my math teacher that she should allow bathroom breaks because I have a "very heavy menstrual flow." My teacher suggested I eat more red meat. They got into a seven-minute argument about this. FML
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what will red meat do?

btnhdude 0

it will make fun of the blood and make it feel bad about being a liquid, causing blood type OwNed 2, it's really not a rare blood type but I don't have it.


that's funny! on a related note, I'm from bc too :)

YDI for having your period. another advantage of red meat is it is an excellent source of protein

1 lucky you and OP (well mostly OP) are from Canada because if OP was from the south because if she was rednecks would try to give her red meat. Eww. Bad mental image. 

KingDingALing 9

24- That made absolutely no sense...

I don't understand what you're saying, 24. Nice try, though. (:

I meant if she was, (with a comma) rednecks would.... I put this like 7308153 times and it won't post!

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you're ungrateful OP. I mean sure it's embarassing, but at least you mom stuck up for you. some kids don't even have mothers.

haha I'm from BC too. email me Kay? [email protected] by any chance do u go to Charles Best Secondary...? and is the teacher that doesn't let u go out Mr.Dy or Mr. Fatass Jovo?

you're a smart one...

ops weird! haha

Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly, eh?

I agree! That's only embarrassing cause your young. You have a SUPER MOM! :)

@57, elementary school? 1) you're too young for FML, & the Internet for the matter 2) you've given your full name, email, & school name to all of FML. I suggest you watch out for pedophiles. EDIT: whoops, I read it as elementary, pardon my mistake. #2 still stands though.

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#24 English Motherfucker! Do you speak it?!

what will red meat do?

btnhdude 0

it will make fun of the blood and make it feel bad about being a liquid, causing blood type OwNed 2, it's really not a rare blood type but I don't have it.

btnhdude 0

btw wth happened to tokiohotel she was awesome.

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nothing she was just messing with them

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red meat has lots of blood in it, which if she eats it will give her all the raw materials to make new blood of her own

It has iron in it, which the body needs to produce Haemoglobin in re blood cells (what the oxygen binds to). During a period alot of bloody is lost, so alot of iron is lost aswell.

You're all wrong. Red meat would has blood in it making her Super Woman and Super Women never have problems! (Except for fighting crime.)

sad, embarissing... u no what's worse, ur shareing this with many strangers on the Internet...

I'm sure there are worse things than sharing an embarrassing event on the Internet. Like not being able to spell for shit for example.

#10 hahaha WIN! Exactly what I was thinking.

it's not really.

I love ur profile pic :)

over-helpful mothers aren't always that helpful :(.

sports_chic 6

sucks to be u!

By heavy flow do you mean after it's passed you weigh a couple of lbs less?

thats not OK

some women do gain weight due to bloating, water retention etc which will then be lost once their period is over....

hahahaa dude that is fucked up

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that's suxs

Today, I was annoyed by OP. Why? Because she's a question talker. How long is your class? If you take care of your business beforehand, are you really unable to make it through the class without a change? Double up on your protection. Is the maths teacher a female? I don't think what your mum said was so bad. She was just looking out for you and most of the discussion was probably impersonal. If she had gotten into the same conversation with a cashier or something, that would be worse somehow. The teacher has a legitimate reason to know.

Yeah. If you can be prepared for it, you should be. Alot of the girls I know used it as an excuse to bunk off. Especially swimming. The swimming teacher must have been pretty idiotic if she didn't realise it was every week..

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so you say fyl because of this? sweetheart, get a real issue then post your " fml", k?! k! oh and you can make it through a class with a heavy flow.

There were more minor ones than this. Don't comment about if it's unimportant or not, FML is also for embarrassing moments too.

I don't think that's fair of you to say. I have such extremely heavy flow that I leak after about an hour.