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Today, I logged onto Facebook to see one of my "friends" had used my account to post a coming-out story. It had comments on it such as "I knew it!" "Finally." and "That explains so much." FML
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That's when you put your "friends" numbers on Craigslist under "men seeking men".

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Hey, at least your friends are accepting. Now you can REALLY come out.


tpm45 25

Hey, at least your friends are accepting. Now you can REALLY come out.

unless your friend knew your password then some people never learn. never leave your Facebook open

My friends would have written "you all people are ******" or "i eat shit for breakfast" lol :p

It doesn't matter that they're accepting, he's NOT gay!

Either way. Idk who gives their password to anyone it's just dumb

OP probably didn't give his friend the password. Most likely, OP had Facebook open on the computer or phone and forgot to log out, giving his friend the opportunity to screw around with his account. I've read a few FMLs that began in that fashion.

That's when you put your "friends" numbers on Craigslist under "men seeking men".

Actually that's illegal, I was watching Judge Judy and someone ended up paying a hell of a lot more money than it's worth for doing that...

Judge Judy is a single person making decisions. It does not mean a real judge/jury would rule that way.

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But she is/was an actual judge and is still required to follow the law in her judicial rulings. It's likely that other judges would have ruled the same way.

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Yeah because all judges come to the same decisions...

omg what a douche!! at least u have understanding friends though

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#45 No that's the reaction when you have awesome accepting friends.

Murders not the answer, because if he went to jail someone will be "coming" somewhere. What he needs to do is have a better password.

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hey. well if you ever really want to come out you know they'll understand.

yeah, at least you know they'd accept you for who you are if you were gay.

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That he isn't ready to be outed?

That may not be so bad if you're gay. If you're not gay then FYL.

Unfriend this so-called "friend"! That'll teach him/her!

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Or, OP can change his password. It's nothing to shun his friend for- it's a facebook status. You delete it and then move on.

#9 I think you are over thinking the fml it was just a prank and OP should just change the password and not leave his Facebook open.

OP never denied it was true. Just that someone else posted it.

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#46, I completelt agree with you saying it's their personal choice. For someone to take that away is cruel. My sister (given up for adoption at birth) was unlucky enough to have a drunk uncle out her to her family. While her parents were accepting, a lot of family members either decided to pretend she really isn't a lesbian, or disown and disrespect her. She still gets asked if she has a boyfriend constantly and is mocked for her sexual preferences.

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I think they like you better as gay...