By Anonymous - 08/07/2012 15:17 - United States - Santa Cruz

Today, my mom wanted to send me a picture of me at graduation, saying that I looked pretty in it. It was a picture of a different girl; definitely not me. Way to go, mom. FML
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bargarlm 2

At least you looked pretty! Oh nevermind....


bargarlm 2

At least you looked pretty! Oh nevermind....

Good to know mom's paying attention...

At least she didn't send a picture of an Unattractive person, thinking it was you.

At least it wasn't a nude by mistake...

mylifesucks_fml 1

so did she get any pictures of you at graduation? you know, only one of the top 10 biggest days of your life... but no biggie if it was all of that other girl...

How many times has Op gotten lost? Apparently her mom can't tell what she looks like.

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hockeyoceancity 13

54- Jump. Mommy said not to do it, so do it. Now. Jump. JUMP!

How does this happen in any other world except one where your mom is either blind or really mean?

My guess is that it happened on Earth and her mom is heartless

My guess is that Mom was in the nosebleed section trying to get a picture of one ant wearing the same robes as all the other ants.

robinhood007 9

75 that's totally true! And OP shouldn't be offended. Mistakes are made and it's not likely that her mother did it to purposefully hurt her. If anything it should be f her moms life because her eye sight might not be as good as it was when she was younger.

souls2free 5

For my dance recital, my mom video taped a different girl and not me...

Steve95401 49

At the least the girl in the picture was pretty.

G0v3nat0r 7

That is an epic fail on the mom's part. And it is amazing to me that some people still say YDI to OP. How is this OP's fault at all and why did she deserve it?

^I don't know why but I love this guy. :)

perdix 29

Or so the OP would have us believe. There's no photographic evidence that she actually graduated.

legal371 5

Once you graduate, really only 4 more years before you get a useless degree, (depending what you get it in), and then you can bask in the USA's crappy economy and get a dead end job at minimum wage with nice juicy student loans. Ahh yes, graduation.

Wait... Who was in the picture? Do you have a sister of some sort?

KiddNYC1O 20

Sister? Op would have mentioned it. It was a random girl.

Well you guys are all wearing the same thing so its understandable?

Unless they were all wearing face covers, I don't think so...

Touché. But it also depends on where the mother was sitting and how far away she was from her daughter.

From the sounds of it though, it was obvious that it wasn't her.

All wearing ye same robe + duckface.. = all the crazy girls that age look the same xD

BeforeItWasCool 12

By the sounds of it? Dear Lord, give me strength. Anyone with basic literacy skills and a sense of logic can come to the conclusion that it wasn't OP in the picture. Hell, the FML says so in black and white. Rather useless a comment, 66.

Sometimes at graduations you have to sit very far back. She might not have known.

theslimshadylp 6

Send her a picture of a mom who knows who her daughter is

9 did you think that through? Op: "Excuse me ma'am but do you know what your daughter looks like?" Random Lady: "Yes I do" Op: "Well can I take your picture?"

I'm pretty sure he was joking. Sheesh. *eye roll*

Pallywhack 4

27- It's the concept of it.

I guess you're pretty enough to look like her!