By eminem blows cock - Ireland - Kilflynn
Today, after having stayed up all night studying, all the coffee I'd drank to keep me awake hit my gut with a vengeance. I ended up missing two exams because I was emptying my bowels into the toilet all morning. FML
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  riax  |  9

caffeine is a diuretic, it's supposed to dehydrate the body. Dehydration of the bowels cause diarrhea. I hope op has learned her lesson

  Trisha_aus  |  15

Exactly, it's always best to have a good night's sleep before a major exam, I know I sound like a grandma..."Eminem blows cock" should have known better

  22cute  |  17

Eh, that always happens. It's not the brand of coffee. It's the sleeplessness + too much coffee. You could be emptying your bowls for 48 hours.

  truth_spitta  |  0

Wait 65, you study 13:00 to 23:00? Ten hours? How frequently? Everyday?? That's insane I don't think I studied ten hours throughout the whole school yea that just ended holy crap...but then again, you could be in college getting a masters in law or something

  missalkali  |  8

21, I just finished exams, and let me tell you, there's no way I could've done it without cramming the night before, I had 2 exams a day for a week and a bit. sometimes, cramming is the only way to go

  Enslaved  |  36

They're only $2-$3 where I live. I don't really think that's expensive compared to ordering a coffee etc...
I agree they are very effective. I took a bunch on my cruise vacation and I was wide awake to see sunsets and rises! (:

  lajaynay  |  15

Not really, some people don't have to drink a lot of coffee if they put a bunch of sugar and cream in it. Then their stomach would get messed up from that.

  DuecesBreh  |  1

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