By eminem blows cock - 15/06/2012 16:41 - Ireland - Kilflynn

Today, after having stayed up all night studying, all the coffee I'd drank to keep me awake hit my gut with a vengeance. I ended up missing two exams because I was emptying my bowels into the toilet all morning. FML
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Thank God the first comment did not say, What A Shitty Situation


Thank God the first comment did not say, What A Shitty Situation

That would have been a good comment on the elephant poop FML lol

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#11 - Saying "that's a shitty situation" for any situation/FML involving shit will never be a good comment.

5- looks like we'll never know now. I hope this doesn't make anyone curious as to what happened to 1.

CaramelMacchiato 13

20 - would you rather her tell you this now or feel the wrath of us fellow FMLers if you ever commit that mistake?

caffeine is a diuretic, it's supposed to dehydrate the body. Dehydration of the bowels cause diarrhea. I hope op has learned her lesson

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At least you know not to get that coffee brand again :/ Sorry OP.

In the future: don't cram, study ahead of time...

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Exactly, it's always best to have a good night's sleep before a major exam, I know I sound like a grandma..."Eminem blows ****" should have known better

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Eh, that always happens. It's not the brand of coffee. It's the sleeplessness + too much coffee. You could be emptying your bowls for 48 hours.

I always study 13:00-23:00 and then I wake up at 05:00 and I NEVER have any problem :)

Wait 65, you study 13:00 to 23:00? Ten hours? How frequently? Everyday?? That's insane I don't think I studied ten hours throughout the whole school yea that just ended holy crap...but then again, you could be in college getting a masters in law or something

21, I just finished exams, and let me tell you, there's no way I could've done it without cramming the night before, I had 2 exams a day for a week and a bit. sometimes, cramming is the only way to go

70- I'm actualy in high school. I always study like that for exams.

Those things are expensive but very effective.

tarabelle 7

They're only $2-$3 where I live. I don't really think that's expensive compared to ordering a coffee etc... I agree they are very effective. I took a bunch on my cruise vacation and I was wide awake to see sunsets and rises! (:

They cost like $4 at the gas station by my house. I can't justify one when I could but like 3 Cokes instead.

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Its never worked for me...then again no energy drink has besides Spike. NOW that stuff gives you energy!

Sorry to hear that OP. Hopefully you'll be able to redo them. Think of it as having gained more time for revising.

Reminds me of a certain Will from The Inbetweeners ;)

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Laughing Out Of Obvious Lingering. Aka the fail ninja.

You must have drank a shit ton of coffee or ladened it with a bunch of sweeteners.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

"all the coffee I'd drank." I'm pretty sure she had been emptying her bowls because she "drank a shit ton of coffee."

Not really, some people don't have to drink a lot of coffee if they put a bunch of sugar and cream in it. Then their stomach would get messed up from that.

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That sucks, but at least you have a good username :)

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I happen to like Eminem. Just kidding I don't listen to Eminem, but some people do. You and OP don't have to like Eminem, but why hate?

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Eminem does indeed blow ****, just ask dr. Dre.

The king of hiphop sucks ****? The man with a daughter, 2 adopted kids (0% blood relative), and has custody of his younger step brother sucks dick? Even if you don't like his music atleast respect the man with a few multi-platinum records makin' millions. I'm done you can go listen to your Kesha now.