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Today, I called a friend of mine who was recently in an accident. She told me that the head trauma has caused her to lose all sense of smell and taste. To try and cheer her up, I suggested I take her out to lunch. FML
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GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Now you can fart and she wont notice...but they had to be silent ones though.


...well that's a little on the heartless side.

renatasaur 4

OP had good intentions, even though their suggestion was a poor one. Hardly heartless.

I am pretty sure the victim wouldn't have gotten too offended. I mean you still need to have lunch whether you can't taste anything or you can.

Carbonation 0

Heartless would be playing a game where you have to guess the flavors of jellybeans. OP would win everytime. Muahaha!

6, not to mention the fact that the patient still needs to eat to live as well.

She was just in an accident that took away her sense of smell and taste... If it wasn't an offensive thing it wouldn't be an FML. Also, it'd be similar to taking someone who just lost their legs to a race. Yes, she can still eat but there are better, less insensitive options than going out to eat. You know, things she can actually enjoy that will cheer her up since that was the goal.

I'm deaf(90% loss without hearing aids that is) and I never get offended when my hearing loss gets in the way. if I lost all sense of taste, I'd lose 20 pounds before it came back lol.

Were you born deaf? Or did an accident take it from you? As bad as both outcomes are, there's a difference in never being able to hear and it suddenly going away.

Not really heartless. Tasteless on the other hand.

Muslimgal92 0

52- people who taste nothing don't have to eat anymore silly!

it's like asking someone in a wheelchair if they wanted to go for a walk... nice one

JennyBear101 0

What a b i t c h this girl is!!!! Was she even listening when her friend told her the symptoms?!?!?!?!?!?!?

But she can't smell or taste... Making lunch kinda useless

TylerOMFG 7

32- Seriously? Do you know what Google is? Try looking up the term

maybe 32 is stupid enough to think the cinema is some new restaurant

Judging from 32's picture, it's safe to assume he's a little on the "handicapped" side, so please, don't be too harsh on the lil' fella...

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that we apparently live in an era in which the 'cinema' is an obsolete word no one knows the meaning to? Comes from the world of the pre-2010's.

guckylynn 19

Plenty of people know what cinema means...

#77, of course people know what a cinema is. Morons like #32 do not represent the whole population.

StopDropNRoll 11

I think 32 was just thread stealing and he was only pointing out the obvious in OP's fml. Idk how ppl are getting he doesn't know what cinema is?

I still use the term cinema. Often when wanting to go I ask "Would you like to see a film at the cinema?". :S!

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Thus far, I've encountered enough people that don't know simple words and ideas such as that. Hence the backing for my statement

I've meet a person who believe in vampires. Doesn't mean suddenly everyone does.

rallets 22

#94 do you also wear a tophat and have a handlebar moustache?

ihatecake 0

Just sayin, but most people say theatre though (coming from a californian)

@114 - No, but I also refer to my parents as "mother" and "father". In addition to this know proper table settings: -The salad fork [left] and dinner fork [right] are placed to the left of the plate. -The napkin goes to the left of these forks. -The dinner knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon are placed to the right of the plate. -The dessert spoon and dessert fork go above the dinner plate. The dessert spoon is points to the left and the dessert fork points to the right. -To the left of the dessert cutlery and above the forks (cater-corner to the plate) sits the butter dish and butter knife. -To the right of the dessert cutlery and and above the spoons/knife (cater-corner to the plate) are where the drinkware are placed diagonally. -On the plate sits a salad plate and/or soup bowl.

Hahaha 119 for some strange reason, I totally envisioned you saying that with a posh British accent xD

Mister_Triangle 21

If she lacks taste they could go see Jack and Jill

Ozone1232 5
Ozone1232 5

I believe she would enjoy the company.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Now you can fart and she wont notice...but they had to be silent ones though.

You're* Don't correct others if you can't spell correctly either. (:

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

8- you're right... Im ashamed of myself :/

drewfus2 6

You are all pathetic excuses for grammar nazis. Grammar Hitler would be ashamed.

4's blunder isn't even grammatical error. His "wont" is different issue however, that is a true grammatical error and yet no one has seemed to notice. =P

Haha sorry, I had to type out that comment twice since the first time a got a call and it canceled the comment. But you got me, congratulations have a cookie.

Omg I'm hating my iPhone right now. I* not "a" lol. I feel like I'm flooding this comment thread, so I'm going to stop now. =/

rallets 22

well good, thank god thats over

You spelt nazi wrong in your profile.

It's not your fault. Your just trying to cheer your friend up.

JMJ! For the love of all that is holy! *your = possessive. *you're = you are. If you cannot distinguish between the two please just always type out "you are". The more you know... *shooting star*

Idk if her friend felt that way though :/ but I guess a mistake is a mistake.

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badmandilon 19

There's more than food and beverages in an invitation for lunch. She still can enjoy a good place, good company and to feel apreciated.

Yeah, but OP wasn't acting very sensable.

I'm sure she'd still appreciate the company.. Doesn't mean she won't be hungry either

Aww. Don't be so hard on yourself OP! Sometimes we slip up in conversation; happens to the best of us!

You could make her the dinner, she wouldn't notice if it tasted ad bad as the food I cook.. If you're just as bad ad me in the kitchen - Just make sure it looks good(:

You should've asked her out for dinner, much tastier and even smells good too.