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Today, I called a friend of mine who was recently in an accident. She told me that the head trauma has caused her to lose all sense of smell and taste. To try and cheer her up, I suggested I take her out to lunch. FML
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She was just in an accident that took away her sense of smell and taste... If it wasn't an offensive thing it wouldn't be an FML. Also, it'd be similar to taking someone who just lost their legs to a race. Yes, she can still eat but there are better, less insensitive options than going out to eat. You know, things she can actually enjoy that will cheer her up since that was the goal.


I'm deaf(90% loss without hearing aids that is) and I never get offended when my hearing loss gets in the way. if I lost all sense of taste, I'd lose 20 pounds before it came back lol.


Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that we apparently live in an era in which the 'cinema' is an obsolete word no one knows the meaning to? Comes from the world of the pre-2010's.


@114 - No, but I also refer to my parents as "mother" and "father". In addition to this know proper table settings:
-The salad fork [left] and dinner fork [right] are placed to the left of the plate.
-The napkin goes to the left of these forks.
-The dinner knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon are placed to the right of the plate.
-The dessert spoon and dessert fork go above the dinner plate. The dessert spoon is points to the left and the dessert fork points to the right.
-To the left of the dessert cutlery and above the forks (cater-corner to the plate) sits the butter dish and butter knife.
-To the right of the dessert cutlery and and above the spoons/knife (cater-corner to the plate) are where the drinkware are placed diagonally.
-On the plate sits a salad plate and/or soup bowl.

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Haha sorry, I had to type out that comment twice since the first time a got a call and it canceled the comment. But you got me, congratulations have a cookie.

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JMJ! For the love of all that is holy!
*your = possessive.
*you're = you are.

If you cannot distinguish between the two please just always type out "you are".

The more you know... *shooting star*