By justawallflower - 30/11/2014 02:06 - United States - Elyria

Today, my mom told me that her vagina is "as cute today as it was twenty years ago." FML
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I'll bet she's happy as a clam about it too.


Kind of disturbing seeings how 20 years ago people didn't shave down there......

#1: People haven't shaved for the majority of history, but it wasn't an unknown phenomenon to shave "down there". It's ignorant to believe that women are supposed to be totally hairless to be attractive.

1- Lots of people still don't shave down there. It's not weird, it's not gross, it's not "disturbing", it's natural. Who cares what people do with their body hair?

@15 - The people who have to give said people oral.

If you're that shallow 22 please I hope you stay single.

@23 - 1. Not single. 2. I wasn't aware the desire to not choke on pubes made people shallow. I'm glad you've enlightened me.

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#1- Uh, completely shaving down there and small designs started to become popular in the mid-late 90s. The 90s were also well known for the infamous over-plucked eyebrows, go figure.

"What I’d give to run my fingers through your hair To touch your lips, to hold you near" Hmmmmm-- Now I understand exactly what Bon Jovi was singing about back in 1994!

22- I can understand not wanting to give oral to someone who hasn't shaved (just because it's not pleasant to have a load of hair in your mouth), but I'm talking about the people who think it's gross and wrong for any woman not to shave, even if they aren't having any oral sex with said woman.

If you were born exactly twenty years ago.. I don't want to know what your mum thinks cute is!

I think hydrochloric acid may be a better remedy for the disturbing image given to us.

That's a good idea #9, I didn't think of that

Probably because you had some brain your brain.. :D

I'll bet she's happy as a clam about it too.

Well, that was interesting... 0_o Your reward for even HEARING that is a gallon of bleach and 2 hours of dubstep.

Good that she feels comfortable around you, but she doesn't need to be that open. Sorry you had to hear that Op

Wow, does she make it a thing to record what her ****** looks like? Sucks to be you OP

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