By Drew - United States - Harrodsburg
Today, it's my birthday. My grandma posted about it on her Facebook wall, but people got confused and thought it was her birthday instead. She got twice as many birthday wishes as I did, and that's including the ones I got outside of Facebook. FML
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  blaw24  |  1

Sorry OP but I feel like you're one of those people that are gravely concerned about how much likes you get on Facebook and all that nonsense. It really doesn't matter

By  syed121417  |  22

Aw, that sucks. Happy (late) birthday! I just can't figure out how people got confused by her Facebook post? But the fact that she got more wishes means nothing. People put 'happy birthday' on any Facebook wall even if they don't know the person well. Keep you head up, OP!

  JMichael  |  25

You're right about that. People that hardly talk to me at all will post 'Happy Birthday' on my wall when it comes around. All though I am thankful for the sentiment at the same time it's like why the hell are you posting on my wall?

By  vikky538  |  28

your grandma's following comes with age.....many happy returns of the day OP...people who wish you truly ..mean it...don't count the love by number of posts on facebook...