By psuedodragon - 21/05/2013 17:20 - Canada - Regina

Today, while on my way to an important interview, I was stopped and ticketed for speeding. The ticket made me 20 minutes late, but when I showed up, I was told they forgot to call and let me know that the woman I was supposed to meet with called in sick this morning. FML
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Funny you should mention zombie attacks... The reason I was late was because I slept through my alarm after a particularly intense, long weekend, zombie survival prep camp (basically a lot of running in between short classes on survival skills for three days). I know I shouldn't have been speeding, but it was important enough that the $135 would have been worth paying... y'know, if they hadn't forgotten to tell me it was cancelled...

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The only reason to speed is if you're late, and the only reason to be late is poor planning. Or a zombie attack.

It's your own fault for speeding, however, it is a bummer no one called you


I don't put ketchup on my chili, but yes I also agree his comment sucks.

Hey, how about we all stop arguing and simply enjoy the FML?

Sorry 42 looks like we like our animosity around here.

I would say look on the bright side, but that just sucks all the way around.

The bright side is op still has their license.

What?? The bright side is they didn't have to look bad by showing up 20 min late with an excuse to a job interview. No one wants to hire someone that can't even make it to the interview on time. OP - Leave early when it's rescheduled, and don't speed.

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well on the the bright side a meteor didn't strike Earth this morning.

#8 -I'm sorry, how fast do you think I was driving? Going 10km over the speed limit is far from enough to lose my license, but it is enough to shave 5 minutes off the drive... and of course get a $135 ticket. I was expecting a lot of YDI for speeding, but I *am* a little annoyed by how many people are getting mad at me for "endangering my own life and those of everyone else on the road" (as #31 put it) when they don't know how much over the speed limit I was going, or what that made my speed (I was only going 50km/hr, by the way), or any of the other variables to determine whether I was actually driving dangerously. Y'know, things like how many other drivers were sharing the road with me, their relative speeds, the presence of pedestrians, the road conditions, and the general weather. Don't assume I'm a bad driver because I was speeding this one time, and don't point fingers unless you can honestly say you've never sped in your life. And haha :) #34; I agree with that.

I wasn't saying you were reckless, just pointing out a brightside. Also, in canada can't you lose your license for having too many tickets?

lilhellian, if you get too many dermet points in a certain span of time, yes, you can lose your licence. and for up to 2 years if you dont hand it over right away.

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So you were speeding in a 40 km/h (25 mph) zone? That's means you were speeding on a road with intersections, cyclists and pedestrians. It would be safer to drive 50 km/h over the speed limit on the highway.

Well, I hope the ticket wasn't very expensive and I hope you get the job!

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Well hopefully he doesn't need the job to pay the ticket.

It's your own fault for speeding, however, it is a bummer no one called you

you can't tell me that you're perfect and gave never broken any rules or sped.

43 - If you speed, and a cop tickets you for it, then yea, its your own fault, and YDI. Speed all you want, I know I do, but don't bitch if you get a ticket because of it.

Actually, 43, I have never driven in my life. Considering I'm 14.

i also said, "have never broken any rules." Im sure you've broken rules before.

Nope. The only thing I've ever broken was a mirror. With my face. I'm ugly. Bye.

I hate it when people are flighty like that! I know how it makes life unnecessarily difficult.

We all have one of those days where we just can't win.