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By  ltaper11  |  20

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  bamagrl410  |  31

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  taranpreet  |  7

People swear not hitting is the reason kids are bad when really it's coddling and lack of limitations and boundaries. You don't have to hit a child to teach them that..although it does take more time and patience. Which apparently a lot of people don't have.

  nix1993  |  41

#89 - When I was a kid if I did something to warrant it, my dad would give me a hard smack on the ass, there tended not to be repeats of my misdeeds, so it did the trick. But I can tell you now it certainly wasn't child abuse. It never hurt past about 5 minutes later, there was very rarely a mark and I knew it would only happen if I was being a little shit. As a teenager if I was a lippy cow my mom would give me a slap, again it was only done if I deserved it, and I never felt that I was being unfairly punished, I knew that if they hit me then I'd crossed a line, it was never done because they were in a bad mood, or I had irritated them. Corporal punishment is NOT child abuse, and those that think it is are sadly sheltered. A little bit of fear is healthy.

  bonermonkey  |  31

rereading this from the random fmls...
it's so fucking messed up how some parents think that's how you raise a kid. it's not an acceptable way to negotiate a relationship with anyone else in your life...why does the fact that they're small and still learning somehow make it acceptable? why is it OK because they can't hit you back? I wouldn't slap an employee for being a little shit. thatd be wrong.


Slap their mother?!? Jesus Christ, did respect for parents just go out the fucking window? Boy or girl you never slap your mother! Especially boys, you should never hit a lady. Ever! You number 10, are obviously one of those kids that was spoiled to the max and was never punished with a smack across the ass. Child abuse you might say. It's called raising your kid right so they would never even Think to hit their own mother. I've lost faith in humanity because you said that #10....

  RadeonDerp  |  24

Bullshit. If a woman hits me of course i'm gonna hit them back. Probably not if it was my own mother, but I'd still be pretty angry. It really pisses me off when people say "You can't hit girls, ever" like they're some sort of royalty.

  ballpython  |  15

#75 I could not agree more. When I was in high school 20 years ago my ex found that out how landing on your ass after a nice hard shove feels after I received several punches to the face.

  Shantorion  |  12

This person is obviously not a child anymore. If this was a child then it might be considered correction but this person is an adult. If you invite someone over to your house and they start hitting you then you are entitled by law to defend yourself with force.

  HaneenDixon  |  16

OP: "Officer my mom slapped the shit out of me"
Cop: "And how old are you, sir?"
OP: "29!"
I can just imagine the officer literally laughing his ass off.

  Wealthyparrot  |  9

No, they wouldn't. It doesn't sound like the police are really necessary at the moment, but familial abuse is illegal, and serious.

The police don't laugh at a man or woman claiming their spouse is abusing them, they won't laugh at a son or daughter claiming their parent is abusing them, regardless of age.