By fyln00b - 03/07/2010 04:49 - France

Today, I was horseback riding. Somebody yelled something behind me, so I turned around. Next thing I know, I am on the ground and my head is killing me. It turns out I ran into a tree branch. The person behind me simply said, "Watch out." FML
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Ah...trying to become Superman, I see. Note to OP: It didn't work for Reeve.

well the bright side to all this is that ur not paralyzed


ArtIsResistance7 1

Ah...trying to become Superman, I see. Note to OP: It didn't work for Reeve.

FYL_hardd 0

Lmao #1. OP, I had a feeling that would happen.

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Christopher Reeve = Superman in the early movies. He fell off a horse and became paralyzed.

oh okay gotcha! now I can laugh with you and act like I belong hahahaha... 

8 Christopher Reeve... the guy who played Superman in the original movies... you should know this.

You suck at life. Chuck Norris would just keep going on. And it's Reeves.

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I think it's Reeve. Just googled it.

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that "tree branch" was actualy my extremely erect penis

in soviet Russia branch hit horse.. cause horse ride you!

dont make fun of christopher "REEVES" its really not nice and was frankly a horrible thing to have happened to anyone. op, is the horse okay?

I'm sure he would have prefered saying : " YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET STRUCK BY A TREE BRANCH", but he figured "watch out" was easier and faster to say...

SeedlessMe 13

37-- The horse is good haha, They know how to look out for themselves just fine! It's those things protruding from their bodies that get hit by things!

actually, he fell off and got stepped on. falling off hurts like a b$&@", but it doesnt necessarily mean that you will become paralyzed.

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what were they supposed to do save you... you guys were both clearly horse back riding that's really all they could have done.

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Is it just me or did this remind you about Tarzan. "Look out for that tree!" *bang*

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Thanks for the clarification, IrishJane.

I think that was 'George of the Jungle! wasn't it?

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I advise you to keep focused on what you're doing. Who cares if someone says something. YDI.

Maybe that was what he/she was trying to say to you in the first place. YDI for looking back while riding on a horse. people have died before from that. At least you learned your lesson.

from looking round while being one a back of a horse, erm... yeah, right. I've looked behind loads of times while horse riding and I am fine.

Just because it hasn't happened to you, doesn't mean it can't happen to someone else. Many people have been in a car accident before, but just because it's never happened to me doesn't mean it's not possible.

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but what I don't understand is why Americans(including canadians, that's me) call it horseback riding when it's not possible to ride the horse anywhere else.?? Europeans simply call it horse riding...

I think it's to differentiate between the increasingly popular horse front riding(a.k.a. ***********.)

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Ouch, did you bust your hymen? :P

I highly doubt it.....was that a serious question or a failed joke?

this is were keep your eyes on the road really counts

wow OP FYL but if were looking forward before they said something you would have noticed the branch

I was thinking the same thing... so many of them are from there... idk why tho

People in France have a long history of getting ****** over. I'm not surprised.

Yes, many times when someone submits an FML from an app, it can't tell their location. So it defaults to Nord-Pas-de-Calais. On the website, it says "submitted from a mobile version" instead, so it's less confusing.

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I was thinking this must be the most hilarious town on the planet. Everyday something funny happens to someone there, you just have to wait for it.

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well did you *watch out*??? I hope you did :)

I guess you didn't fully read the FML that clearly stated that she hit a tree branch- because OP did not "watch out".

woah! first of all when u are riding a horse NEVER I MEAN NEVERRRRR turn around. i am a horse instructer. cause that may happen

word, Hailey! one of the first--and best--lessons learned in any equine class.

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I look back all the time. Hm, it's never hurt me.

dontgivafuk 9

I hate horse people. they are all very snobbish and when they ride down my street their horses shit on the road and the riders just leave it there. so I followed them on my quad racing back and forth. scared the horses and the rider fell off. hilarious indeed. no more horse shit in front of my house!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#87- You're an ass and that's probably why they left their horse's shit near/on your property.

excuse you 87. I'm a horse person and I'm not snobby. And if a horse ***** in the road, big ******* deal. get over it. you can't just get off to clean it. You should also know better than to attempt to scare the horses. Doing that could get someone, including you, killed or seriously injured. It isn't a joke.