By Anonymous / Friday 18 October 2013 14:29 / United States - Worcester
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By  gc327072  |  29


We could solve all world problems this way!

Poverty in Africa: Stop being poor!

Terrorism: Stop being violent!

Brilliant stuff, OP. This shit's gonna change the world. Hope you took notes!

  Booda_Shun  |  28

It looks like the management from the diner is spreading its philosophy.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

That's completely professional. That's the logic behind pretty much all companies that involve true labor. When I worked at a place that built modular homes they had safety meetings all the time. While they didn't come straight out and say that, it definitely was the whole point of the meeting. OP's workplace was just a little more blunt about it. I really see no problem with it.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Actually on a lot of hiring forms, they ask questions like
"How much do you agree with this statement:

"Almost all work-place accidents can be avoided by the employee if he/she pays attention and follows directions"

And they'll ask multiple questions about who is usually at fault in work place accidents to make sure they don't hire people who would sue them lol.

  caysters  |  12

I work in a food production warehouse. We constantly have safety meetings. Last one was about fall hazards in particular. We have all sorts of safety meetings ranging from food safety, lift safety, fall safety, all that crap. And they do it frequently.

  Codezlol  |  21

I am a trades person out in the field, let's just say there are many things here that can... Kill you if you don't pay attention. We have morning/pre-job and weekly safety meeting. We also have 3-4 safety forms to fill out a day and we have to refuse work if we deem it unsafe in any possible way.

We have zero lost time incidents in lord knows how long, I'd say at least 11 months. So OP, sometimes companies have to really cram policies down people's throats for them to have safe work practice.

Who cares anyways chances are you get paid by the hour. Relax and basically get free $$

  frizz101  |  22

117 it's actually not professional, they need to be telling workers how to be safe in the workplace, such as how to properly lift, safety procedures and such, not "don't get hurt."

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

But I'm sure they went over how to work safely plenty of times before this, 69. Like I said we had tons of meetings about usually the same shit over and over. It's all about covering their own ass so you can't blame them for an accident if it did happen. Maybe OP's company decided to just be straight forward this meeting instead of a repeat safety course. If OP was new working there then yes, it wouldn't be a correct way to go about it, but, I'm guessing they already covered everything at least twice. We had 3 or so meetings a month and it was all about shit we learned when we first started.

  frizz101  |  22

Still there should always be an air of professionalism, otherwise someone can claim that the company wasn't doing their job right, which is why someone got hurt or whatever. Yes the company could have gone over the safety courses several times, but that is no excuse for them to drop their professionalism.

  Welshite  |  39

Accidents happen. The company I work for is global, and even though an accident may happen halfway across the world, safety becomes a priority at every site. I'm sure many such companies practice the same policies.


Actually it might not just be the company. Quite often the health and safety board will send out new regulations for companies and it is up to the company to deliver the message to their employees. So OP's boss was probably just passing along the message..


exactly warehousing can be extremly dangerous considering the machinery used. Companies that care more about the bottom line than ocupational health and safety generally have higher rates of accidents.

  tonjean1  |  5

I thought it was pretty funny!! Having a presentation at a company about getting hurt at work is pretty redundant. There are company handbooks, pamphlets, and any changes are e-mailed. So, whoever had to do the presentation just blew it off.

  license2chill  |  5

19, there is no amount of money in this world can buy your healthy body back once you lose it. Imagine you lose a leg at work, and the company pays you 1 million dollars, or 10 millions, I would bet you still want to keep that leg and not the money. I've seen this guy recently lost one leg in his early 30s, two young daughters, imagine what his life would be.

I would say this is win-win, for both parties' sakes, in the end, it's the one that's injured who has to suffer

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