By Anonymous - 18/10/2013 17:30 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I woke up with a raging hangover. I soon checked my phone, only to find that I'd drunkenly sent nude pictures to several friends' numbers, as well as to my own. I'd then replied to my own message, saying that I'm not gay and telling myself to fuck off. FML
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That's a new level of drunkeness!

If you even rejected yourself through beer goggles that's saying something.


That's a new level of drunkeness!

Your profile relates to this FML. Haha

Did your friends reply? Haha

This drunkenness is fucking hilarious

Atleast he knows he doesn't go for guys when he's drunk, right?

The amount of OP epicness while drunk is legendary. I should go study under him as a drunk apprentice.

This made sense until you made up a word; drunkeness?

55-I hate to break it to you but drunkenness is a word. In short, it is the state of being drunk. If you're going to correct someone, a quick google search to verify your infornation never hurts. Especially as you're already online.

It is a word, dumbass.

Have done worst than that. As long as you had fun it's great.

#56 while I agree with you, you should have fixed your post, too. You wrote infornation rather than information.

But he did send a guy nudes so...

If only we all could one day be that drunk too.

That's fucked up.

I think you mean hilarious

@10 That's fucking hilarious?

No, 11. It's hilariously fucked.

OP was hilariously fucked up

Set it as the background picture on your phone as a reminder to yourself to never be that stupid again the next time you get drunk.

He'd probably just see it and tell his phone to fuck off because he's not gay.

At least you didn't need someone else to remind you of what happened the night before!

If you even rejected yourself through beer goggles that's saying something.

Got drunk, Got some nudes...sounds like a good night to me!

I have to say, most FMLs beginning with a sentence about having a "raging hangover" or being excessively drunk usually end with a "raging YDI."

I don't know if I could be friends with someone after they drunkenly sent me nudes >.>

those nudes might keep your fingers happy...