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By Nick - 06/08/2013 14:44 - Australia - Baulkham Hills

Today, I dragged myself to work, suffering from a bad cold. My boss quietly told me to go home and rest, to avoid spreading it around the office. I thought it odd since he dislikes me so much, but I did as he said. He called later in the day to suspend me for leaving work early. FML
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meggieeee92 15

You should have went back to work and coughed and breathed your germs all over him so he gets sick.


Report him to HR or find a better job? Lol what a dick.

nurchok 15

Always ALWAYS ALWAYS send an email if you have to leave early. Even if you've been told to go. Doesn't have to be long, just something in the lines of "

That really was quite short, nurchok.

meggieeee92 15

You should have went back to work and coughed and breathed your germs all over him so he gets sick.

I would go spit on/lick everything in his office. Saliva is a good way to transfer germs.

Llama_Face89 33
TheModernPatriot 14

Spread it amongst the masses like a virus ad watch it infect THE WORLD!!!!

Always ask for, or send, a confirmation e-mail when dealing with people like that. Sorry, OP.

You deserve better OP! Be happy that you can get away from your ass of a boss now. I bet you'll find a much better job, then you can thank him for firing you & rub it in his face.

OP wasn't fired; he was suspended. Also, I wouldn't thank any boss for firing me. That sort of thing follows you around on your résumé, not to mention the bad reference you might get from him when your potential employers call.

perdix 29

He doesn't dislike you that much. If he did, he'd call in the military accusing you of waging biological warfare on his workforce!

I get the impression this has happened to you before.

perdix 29

Close, I once got fired for calling my boss a Nazi-loving pedophile. Hey, it was true!

How does he find Nazi children these days?

olpally 32

What a heartless docuhe waffle! Most bosses are like that though :/ you need ************ jones. Haha.

I'd report him to corporate & the BBB. I don't care who he is to the company, he can't treat people that way. I agree with #4 & #5. Get everything in writing from now on. Even if you just write up something that says what they told you & put the date on it & make him sign it & write the date as well. It's better than nothing. Feel better, OP.