By Anonymous - 13/05/2017 12:00

Today, a guy told me I was hot and that I should give him a chance. When I told him I was straight, he instantly called me a bigot. FML
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It's a trap. Don't comment. Don't touch it.

He was looking to be blown, not blown off.


He was looking to be blown, not blown off.

It's a trap. Don't comment. Don't touch it.

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Very perceptive.

What a dick move! Because you made his dick move.

I was gonna make a joke about attractive guys but I guess they're all taken.

Was he, by chance, drunk at the time? I'm gay, and I've had (usually drunk) guys do similar things to me, such as a black guy who once called me a racist (I'm white) because I turned him down. It really, REALLY would not have helped to defend myself -- I could have said in all honesty, "No, I do date black guys, but I just don't find you attractive. I am very specifically not attracted to YOU," but that just seemed like it would not have made him feel any better. So I walked away, figuring that if he was halfway emotionally mature, he would figure it out for himself someday , perhaps as early as the next day when he was sober again.

Oh everyone now needs to be a victim and through around the bigot card, no matter what you do. I would told him to screw off and put the victim card back in the deck. You aren't a bigot doe being straight. He is just overly sensitive and needs a reality credit. Stupid SJWs.

This kind of thing is way not ok.

at least you gave it to him straight

Take the compliment either way?

A person coming on to you and then freaking out when you reject them is not a compliment. Stop excusing this kind of behavior.

I meant the compliment of being attractive