By My mom - 18/03/2010 01:10 - France

Today, my mom walked me to school to make sure I don't cut class. I'm 20 years old. FML
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FYLDeep 25

YDI for your mom feeling that it was necessary. You must have done something first.

did she pack ur lunch in a tiny lunch box as well ?


Jrook 0

I think it's more like bad student

cucuto89 0

OP deserves it for cutting class so much

I agree with 51 on this. OP stop ditching and you won't have to worry about it.

she is just making sure you won't have to repeat grade 12 for a third time

Yeahh either repeat 12th grade ..or by that time you may be in college that is no longer public(free) school ....which means YDI for not taking your education seriously and also wasting her money and i say HER bcz if OP was payingg they would understand not 2 fuck aroundd

At least you didn't forget your lunchbox. That would have been devastating.

lickmyjock 0

Ha aw I think it's cute

greendaygirl999 5

Cute if she was 5

FYLDeep 25

YDI for your mom feeling that it was necessary. You must have done something first.

Pysht_fml 0

Not necessarily. I've got a classmate who's in his mid-20's, and his mom still refuses to let him move out of her house, get his own job, or go much of anywhere unaccompanied. On the other hand, it does say "to make sure I don't cut class", implying he/she has skipped a lot in the past. This one could go either way.

mn_mpls 0

pysht tell ur friend to just leave. she can't stop them

#24, your friend is in his mid-20's, and his mom 'refuses' to let him move out?! How exactly is she stopping him? Seems like if he really wanted to move out, he would!

did she pack ur lunch in a tiny lunch box as well ?

FYLDeep 25

I think she carried it herself so she can spoonfed him later.

RuukasuNinja 0


nope, it's a lunchable

skyttlz 32


rodstayposted 0

do you still get spankings to?

vergaso 0

did she say to eat ur veggies too?

sugarbabyxoxo 2

hahahah awe she obviously cares.

how can she walk u to school?? or did u meant to say college or univesity , n in that case it's very unusual for u to say she walked u cuz they are almost never conveniently located so close to houses like schools are , u r 20 u shuld have graduated by now!!

vergaso 0

I think they drove parked then walked ...... but u knowvjust an idea

How sweet that she still cares. FYL.

VeryNice329 0

I'm guessing you are in college since you are 20. if she's paying for this education of yours and senses you don't skipping...maybe you deserve to be walked to school by mommy.

college is free in france. (apart from business schools and very few private schools) she probably just doesn't want him to skip class. and also has nothing else to do.

OP may not be in France; that is the default location. I'm curious to know how his mom knew he cut class if he is in college/university. It's not like the dean calls your mom to say you are missing classes.