By limeñaconmalasuerte - Peru
Today, the guy I have a crush on invited me over to his house. I was nervous and excited, until I found out that he really just wanted me to clean it. Apparently, my friends from the university told him that was my job and he believed them. FML
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By  turnabouttrial  |  19

Kinda sounds like your friends were trying to set you guys up

By  joshszz_fml  |  27

Go clean his house and make it a weekly thing. Slowly move your stuff in, one item at a time. Integrate. Refuse to leave when he realised what's going on. Throw a fit and claim to be carrying his baby when he tries to call the cops on you. Show the cops your stuff in his house and make them believe he is just trying not to take responsibility for the pregnancy. Kiss and make up. Enjoy your new life!

By  realsis  |  6

This is awful.i dated a guy once that would leave and do who knows what while he expected me to clean his house. I realized how crappy this was and the next time he asked me to clean his house I told him I couldnt I was busy cleaning my own house. He finally got it.