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Today, after informing my boss that I needed stress leave from my 70-hour-a-week shifts, I got my new work assignment. Sixty hours a week, starting at 2 a.m. FML
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He only cut 10 hours?! What kind of douche do you work for?

Hmmm....sure are a lot of nasty darlings commenting on this one.


sry if this upsets you sirin or other mods (I only name sirin cause I've seen her around bunch of posts lately), but this idiot is a retard above me ^^

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Let me just say, you are the retard with your bad grammar. Even Yoda would frown upon your grammar ignorance.

I go to school for grammar. I'm on an iPod, so typing with one index finger is annoying enough and I don't want to worry about it. I use texting language when I'm pretty sure people can understand me just as well.

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I was talking mainly about the last the last bit you said.

what was the last the last thing I said that you were so ticked about, exactly?

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This idiot is a retard above me...that's what I'm talking about.

I deleted that argument above, 'cause it was irritating the shit out of me. No offence taken.

I don't blame you. I'm happy so long as I don't get banned... haha sry for above misunderstanding. ( I won't blame you if you delete this comment either sirin)

39 - You have a better chance of not getting deleted if you clean up your grammar and spelling. Just saying.

you wern't here 4 the argument but I made it clere y gramer nd speling I dont care about on my ipod. I'm sry if it upsets u.

so... isn't that better? or just tell him you need less hours

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how is that better you idiot? Or did you miss the whole 2AM part?

Well, she wanted less work hours. She got it.

ever heard of sleeping during the day? what about night guards who work from 11 pm to 8 am? they work a good 45 hours a workweek, but the OP probably isn't a night guard. going from 70 hours to 60 in any job at any time is better

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those taco bell night shifts are a mess huh OP?

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What about not everyone being physically capable of switching their sleep schedule like that or sleeping in the daytime. Thanks for your input Superman.

ok, so say it nicely. I guess someone (you) can't handle the fact that some people are capable of doing it in markets like this. if he/she needs the job I'm sure they'll work something out.

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well at least she got less hours.. my mom goes to work at 5pm and comes back at 3am, that also sucks I guess..

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Sorry that I happen to need my sleep since I'm an IB and AP student in high school. I get about 2-3 hours of sleep a night due to hw. So dont talk to me like I'm ignorant or incapable.

I have no idea what IB is but don't talk to me about AP. So am I. and I only have about 2-3 hours of hw a day. there's something wrong with your work ethic if you are only getting 2-3 hours of sleep. I give exceptions to trips and/or sporting events far away (or out of country perhaps

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IB is International Baccalaureate, and it's about 3x as hard as AP, and about 3x the work too. So 2-3 hours of sleep is accurate.

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I'm going to ignore your idiotic comment...I feel sorry for you and your worthlessness.

Just pointing out what the argument looked like to me. No need for a personal attack.

Ashton you're a moron, kill yourself. This person tdi because it's ops fault for choosing a job like that.

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so much anger dude^^ u need a vacation or like I said before, u need to get laid!

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Maybe they had little choice otherwise. Did I tell you to kill yourself? No, so you made yourself out to be a bigger ass than me. Proud of yourself now?

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Let's all take some xanax, and snort some cocaine or something. Anything other than annoy everyone further with kiddy catfights, okay guys?

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IB is not harder than AP. AP is basically the same work in half the time since it's in 1 year and IB is in 2.

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lmfao IB is not harder at all, and getting 2-3 hours of sleep is your own damn fault! the time youre using on FML can just as well be used to take well needed nap or do some more homework Rhys cutting into your sleep schedule. All my friends are in IB and they still get around 8 hours of sleep. so maybe you should do less of why you're doing that cuts into your sleep time and get the cork out of your ass, don't you think?

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^ That's what I was thinking. Ashton, you're bitching about only sleeping 2-3 hours a night (which I'm not saying you don't, & makes sense considering you've been acting like something crawled up your ass & died probably due to sleep deprivation), but you spend your free time arguing on FML about how "hard" your life is instead of just going to sleep? Valid argument there....

Ooh! Sirin is buying us all cocaine?! Cool.

15 - You're right. Not everyone is physically capable of changing their sleep schedule like that; I'm certainly not capable of it. I end up getting sick every single time that happens. It's something very similar to jet lag at first, and then I catch a cold or something else bothersome. Mind you, places like McDonalds don't give a shit and will still schedule you for midnights (in my case, every weekend...) despite that. Thank god I'm out of there.

Ashton, you are a literal idiot. High school is not that hard for you to only get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Trust me, I graduated second in my class of around 170 kids and got a full night's sleep every night, unless I worked. Just wait until you get to college big boy, it's much harder than high school and since you don't sleep much now, you'll be sleeping hardly any. Therefore, you'll be sleep deprived and won't be able to focus on anything and you'll have to drop out and become a fry cook at Mickey D's :/ I have faith in you being able to do this, though. You'll have no responsibility and be able to sleep whenever you're not at work :D

108 - Not exactly true in all cases. I'm currently sleeping more, on average, than I had during high school. I am in college. I do find that the work load for my first semester was pretty low; this semester is ridiculous and I'm constantly doing 2-4 hours of homework every night. No, I am not taking a hard program. It is a general program. TL;DR - Everybody's situation is different.

I have an idea to help with that...cry about it some more

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You're not funny...stop trying. A puppy just died from you're idiocy. Go to he'll.

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someone needs to get laid! big time! XD

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wow. calm down mr. grumpy gills, ashtonTS evidently woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

He only cut 10 hours?! What kind of douche do you work for?

ten hours n plus looking the timings the douche gave 2 am u frkin kidding me

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Op just needs to change his/her sleep schedule. it's easier than it sounds. Plus if op is getting paid overtime, he/she must be making some serious cash. If your boss needs you to work that badly, you can probably get a raise.

It's really not the boss's fault or problem. If OP needs to take leave, he should fill out the paperwork and take it. The boss's concern is having someone to take care of the work that needs to be done. If you can't handle the job, OP, get a different one. If you have a valid disability claim for stress leave, file.

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Luke, are you the OP? this is your father.

If you worked for me and complained, I'll look for another employee. Work harder and stop complaining or you'll stay at the bottom

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You're a douchebag, go to hell. It's from stress, cut him some slack and get a life youmoron.

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I kind of agree. If you aren't willing to do it, there is always someone else who will. Even if those hours are ridiculous, you gotta suck it up.

Nice hair cut, proactive works. Don't work for me

Uhm, 21. Get a life? You realize that you are insulting someone on a website ment to criticize people for the exact same thing you just did? Wow. You're an idiot.

People are douge bags I agree with 21 give him some slack! It's better to be nice and you'll get the job faster-6th grade teacher

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The economy sucks right now, if OP doesn't like the hours someone else will take them. I'd be happy to have any job right now

If the economy sucks so bad and you're willing to do any job, then become a prostitute. There are always openings to fill. Some people still like to maintain some balance in their lives by not working the majority of it.

iloveboyswittats 10

I'm not desperate enough to become a prostitute yet. I live off my scholarships and financial aid but it would be nice to have some spending money. I have one college degree already and I can't even get hired to wait tables or wash dishes. It kinda sucks.

sucks for you since your not a morning person!!

Wow. That's still 20 hours of overtime a week!!!! Your boss is a douche. FYL.

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Nice, 70/60hour weeks and shifts starting at 2am, are you in the military? Cause otherwise I think there's labor laws to help you out.

Prob. not military. My husbands Navy and he was working 120 hour weeks. He recently was dropped to 60-65 hour weeks and hes celebrating!