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Today, I found my 15-year-old son sleeping on the couch. I asked why, and he said he'd rented his room out to someone on Craigslist to make extra money, so he was getting used to sleeping in the living room instead. FML
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I like the entrepreneurial spirit! Business mind like that, he'll go places.

Why would a person accept an offer from a 15 year old anyway


I like the entrepreneurial spirit! Business mind like that, he'll go places.

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OP's son is a ******* genius. An fml for sure, but maybe he should get a medal for being selfless towards pursuit of his own well-being.

Being selfless towards his own well being? hmm not sure if that works.

#65 he was doing it all for himself and his capitalist gain. still a awesome kid

Why would a person accept an offer from a 15 year old anyway

I think you already know the answer to that.

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what if they didn't know he was 15, Ijs...and they really needed a place to stay. homelessness is very real here in the US.

More prominent here than most other first-world nations...

Well,why not if he sounded confident :d

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Spoiled for sleeping on the couch and trying to make his own money? Am I missing something here?

Spoiled for making a decision which affects the entire family and consulting no one before the decision was made. Had OP not found him on the couch, they may have learned of his agreememt when the new guest was already inside.

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Do you even know what spoiled means?!

He's just trying to make a quick buck.

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Even though what he did was incredibly stupid that does not make him spoiled. It does make him selfish that he did this without asking permission and without thinking of the other people in his house not spoiled.

Merriam-Webster on spoiled: to give (someone, such as a child) everything that he or she wants : to have a bad effect on (someone) by allowing too many things or by not correcting bad behavior. I'm gonna have to agree with #4 on this. He feels he's entitled to rent out his parents' property, meaning he has a sense of shared ownership of his parents' house. This likely means he expects that he can do as he pleases because he hasn't been "disallowed too many things". Spoiled. Man, I love languages and semantics. :)

Yeah but you're forgetting one thing- OP probably said no. Thus, not spoiled, your arguement invalid.

The definition that #47 gave does not prove his point. Just because the child feels that way, does not mean that the parent is giving him everything he wants. The definition is based on what the child is given, not how the child feels. I too love language and semantics. :)

Aha, but the definition also included "not correcting bad behavior". The argument is valid because I stated to even get to the point of putting a plan like this into motion, there must have been at least a little leniency in discipline. I don't agree that he is definitely spoiled, and we don't know enough to say one way or the other, but the son even considering this acceptable points to lax parenting. Even if this plan was stopped, that doesn't mean he isn't spoiled - just that OP drew a line somewhere.

Hey, maybe the kids on to something

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He could have used something like Air BnB though which is like actually for doing this lol.

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Your son sounds smart, I wonder why I never thought of that before

If he wants money that bad maybe you should offer a job to him or help him find one somewhere

He's 15, #9, most places won't even hire until 16, and even then a lot of places won't hire you.

It all depends on the area and place of business.

Almost immediately after my 15th birthday I started working at McDonalds- and they're pretty much everywhere

He has entrepreneurial skills. Talk to him so that he can put it to the right use.

I wonder who he's bringing into the house. :-/ hope he's smart enough to request a background check.