By Anonymous - 02/11/2011 15:15 - United States

Today, my mom learned how to use the text messaging on her smartphone. I've received 37 already, and she calls after every single one to make sure I understood her. FML
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yamatelle 19

"Mom, please STFU!" "What does that mean?" "ummm...Save The Faithless Unbelievers..."


tylersign 11

Well, if you have ever been to, I think it's pretty funny when parents text. Especially moms. :)

My parents, thankfully, aren't that bad when it comes to texting. They know to text me when I can't talk on the phone. When I first taught my mom how to text I thought she would end up like OPs mother lol.

Alexisthebestest 16

My parents are alright with texting too. My mom used to text me in class when I was bored. My dad on the other hand, well that's just another story...

Johnny, I'm a parent and I text. Got a problem with that?

remz89 3

Yup I'm a mom, so I shouldn't text either?

Is my mom the only one that KNOS how to use a smartphone?

hamncheeseinit 6

So when you become a parent you should stop texting?

Fail? I say well done. Moms and the 21st century, what an unhealthy mix.

13FTW 9

You call it a smartphone, I call it a shitbrick.

Considering they're basically mini handheld computers and can be so useful, I wouldn't call them overpriced....BUT that's just me.

^^ I would like to disagree, I got mine for $100 and its $50 a month. Not too expencive in my eyes.

It may not be 'expencive' in your eyes, but is it expensive?

This is why we shouldn't let parents have access to cell phones.

OP... teach her how to use a ***** next. She'll lose interest real quick in constantly texting...

In this new age, the really technologically impaired should be left behind

overreact much? Just give her a week and she wont be able to use her thumbs anymore.

When she calls asking if you understand you should say "No." and wait for her reply

Your mother is just excited that she learned a new skill. After a week or so she will probably get bored and do it less often. If it shall continue then perhaps you should politely ask her to stop.

You have a twisted ass profile pic haha

Yep, good thing my parents don't have smart phones

no joke. my mom can never figure out t9 word and so I have to literally decipher her messages.

Who even uses T9 anymore?! Get a full keypad!

JEnglish89 1

My grandmother got one and did the same thing hah

MEM0817 18

That's hilarious. I regretted teaching my Dad how to text.

stevenJB 25

One of my ex's use to do that....notice "ex"

Now that you pointed it out.....yes! Any one else notice it?

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Send a pic of your middle finger then call to make sure she understood.

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Seriously, that's not very classy...