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  Arestian  |  14

aww fml, damn he might just skype call u while taking a shit i reccomend getting a new skype account, and if he asks just say that u dont use skype anymore, and delete ur fb account xD and run for ur life before he mails u his bowel movements

  Zebediabolical  |  39

Back in the early days of the graphical internet, when I was using NCSA Mosaic 1.0, there was a site called that was exactly that. A guy taking pictures of his daily dump and uploading it to the web.

By  WitEluded  |  13

You had better figure out how to use the parental controls on his router before he does.

"Sorry dad, I don't know what port 80 unavailable means..."

By  anoniemm  |  13

You can uncheck the "following" combobox on his profile. At least you won't see his posts anymore :-)
And you can set yourself invisible to him...