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  MooTaters  |  0

Really...likely you just need a torx bit screw driver.(star shape) There are no screws out there that companies make special for products...just a waste of money. If anything they will just use a torx screw or then use loctite in the thread to try and keep you out.

  CallMeHush  |  0

Uhh, I've had to buy all sorts of special drivers and wrenches to repair electronic devices and very few of the very small tamper resistant drivers come in the big sets. What do I know though, I only fix things.

  PohTayToez  |  0

#44, If you're going to be a pretentious asshole, you should get your facts straight. Nintendo uses tri-wing screws on the Wii, which is much rarer than Torx. Only a handful of electronics companies use these screws, and you probably won't find the screwdriver in any common electronics store... you'd have to buy it online.

By  Mylife_is_so_fd  |  0

dude just go to they should have everything you need to take it appar and fix it (i.e. the tri-wing screw driver required to take it appart)

By  relyo  |  0

They make those special screws so toddlers can't do anything to them. Mabey your kids a genius, you ever think of that rather than coming here and crying about your ill fortune? YDI.