By Shelbitchh - 28/07/2011 09:11 - United States

Today, my mom decided to take away my TV after noticing that I watch the show True Blood. Apparently, since I watch this, I must be "curious about sex." I'm 19. FML
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RebornProblem 0

She needs to get laid.

mismonroe 0

Correct her; you are not curious, you're actually quite the pro.


best show ever

fangs a lot mom, that must be bloody annoying

nonelikeworms 0

To get back hook a PS3 to a tv and blast some Latina **** movie

nonelikeworms 0

To get back hook a PS3 to a tv and blast some Latina **** movie s

Alex94xela 0

it would be better payback if she walks on on him banging a Chick or 2 chicks

LizzieLizz18 4

Have sex while watching True Blood... That'll show her :P

The books are better...

fangbangers are awesome.

Never seen it, won't give it a chance. When I was a kid vampires sucked blood not dick

MissFukMyLuck 0

put some marshmallows under her pillow... those alligators love marshmallows :)

I have similar parents. I can never decide if I want to burst out laughing at stupidity, or cry at their burden on me.

sephoraprincess 7

remind her that you are a legal adult.

ydi for watching true blood. it's like twilight for gay people

KiddNYC1O 20

73- Agreed, the Lost Boys are embarrassed.

no twilight is like twilight for gay people

you should start watching **** in front of her then


nilin95 1

you can never be to young to get the sex talk hell my big brother got it when he was 4.

the sad thing is that he is 19 and still lives with his parents...

235 are u retarded? I don't know many 19 year olds who dont. btw true blood is amazing. am agreed with the person earlier twilight is like twilight for gay people. Eric Northmen would rip the **** out of Edwards throat then shove it up his ass.

@250 Haha Agreed. Edward or any of their family wouldn't even live for another second compared to the vamps on TB. I love that ******* show. Btw OP that ******* blows about your mom not letting you. when that show first airred in 2007 I was watching it with my mom! I'm 19 now but I don't live with her anymore anyways so it doesn't matter.

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kings1fan 6

Whats it about?


Vampires having sex.

Eggers 2

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twinny_sc 13

Your own place = your own rules.

You just lost the game >:D

katieklein 0

Want a tv.? Get a job. Get a house. Get a tv. Then Nobody can take it away!

Oh, come on, 'move out or stfu''s not like OP is 30 years old. I'm also 19 and it's impossible for me to move out because I'm still in college and don't have a job. That doesn't mean OP can't question her parents decisions. They make the rules, oké, but they could make them the democratical way, together with the OP.

twinny_sc 13

It is definitely not impossible to move out while 19 and still in college. I am 19 and still in college and I'm doing it.

KiddNYC1O 20

115- Well you're not very wise. As cheap as it sounds, you have to freeload in this economy.

amayasoma 19

All depends on where you live. I know here there are not many places to move into based on income. Nor a lot of jobs for people without a college degree or good experience.

TheDrifter 23

If you think there aren't a lot if jobs for people without degrees you aren't looking for them, you'll likely end up unemployed once you have the degree too, as your "dream job" in your chosen field is rarely the one you get first. The economy isn't that bad, you're just a bunch of spoiled freeloaders who value laziness over freedom.

Jbfu 0

84 - I moved out and went to college at 18. wasn't hard at all....

KiddNYC1O 20

You're making this about laziness? Do you even know what the economy is like nowadays? Let alone, what economy is?

KiddNYC1O 20

149- Well, hello... you failed to state your age (looked in your profile, not indicated). For all I know, you could have been 18 ten years ago when the economy was better. Until then, your comment is invalid. If you're 18 now, you're one of the lucky ones.

It doesn't count as "not being hard at all" when you're still getting an allowance. It's really ******* hard when you're living in one of the most expensive cities in the US, trying to go to school and working two jobs just to have enough for rent.

broomhildo 19

She said it was impossible for HER, not everyone.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I moved out when I was 18 with no prior work experience, moved across the country and am doing fine .)

KiddNYC1O 20

190- On your own or with your XBL partner?

amayasoma 19

141- I did say depends on where you live. where I live is basically what a lot of my friends and I call it Old People's town. There is majority of retired military people down here. Not a lot of big businesses here so makes it hard for teenagers to find a job. It's either fast food or if you're lucky and old enough the casinos. which you still need at least a gaming license/bartender license. So it's not about laziness. Just depends on where you live.

it is hard to move out and live on your own right after high school but possible. I am 20, have my own place, work a full-time job, go to college, AND raise my ten month old daughter and I'm doing wonderfully!

205 so how much u owe the bank again for loans and car debts and credot cards etc... ? if its over $1000 ur statement is invalid

tittymagic 0

who said you can't be doing wonderful while in debt? you can't go to college without taking out some sort of loans unless you get a full ride scholarship.

It's not impossible to move out at 19. my older brother moved out to go to university at 17. not to mention he doesn't have a job either. it's called saving up, managing your money, grants and scholarships, and student loans. We don't know OP's circumstances though. maybe she should stfu and move out, and maybe she shouldn't.

'you can't go to college without taking out some sort of loans unless you get a full ride scholarship.' I live in Europe, my friend. This year I don't have a scholarship anymore and I 'only' have to pay 500 euro's, or something like that. But if I can choose between A) living with my sometimes annoying parents where I don't have to pay my food, electricity, water, rent... or B) living alone, pay many things myself and let the state pay the rest, I know what to choose. I don't want to profit from the state and I want to get good grades, which goes better if I can concentrate me on my studies instead of a bunch of jobs. It's not impossible to move out after high school, but I would not recommend it.

oh motherfuck. how did a conversation about true blood get onto that shit.

213-I don't have any student loans I got financial aid and scholarships and it will cover my entire degree. I'm not dumb enough to take out a credit card. and like I said I'm working full time working my butt off to pay for bills, etc. it's hard hard work and determination

that's just how moms are

if you're not "curious" about sex when your 19, you may want to go to the doctor to find out if you haven't hit puberty.

RebornProblem 0

She needs to get laid.

fang banger!!

bananaburger 0

bang bang! that was not a gun hehe

but she has a child, doesn't that imply that she's been laid?

nope. ever heard of artificial insemination? :). you can be a virgin and have a kid now.

virgin mother :O

RebornProblem 0

Is your mom's name Mary, by any chance?

email me!

IAmScrewedd 0

5- Agreed. I'm glad my mom is cool:P.

purplemnm 9

That means the last time she got laid was 19 years ago. Or slightly less, but only slightly.

krissydreams 0

get laid ? lol wow we know what's going through ur head

Are you voulenteering?

pinkrink9 5

sucks for you


this is the part where you put some sexy vampire role play on the tv and show your mom who's really boss

WillDaBeast83 0

or she could just get her own place.

haha.. Nice tennis racket

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kiran_fml 5

a lot of ppl stay home for college to save money

broomhildo 19

Some people prefer living at home while attending college if they have the opportunity to. Beats starving and being broke.

8 I want to pour an animal shit cocktail over your head. ****** troll

how do I get moderated but a statement like that which is obviously offensive hence -63 doesn't

xShannonxSammyx 7

At least it's not Twilight.

jillianmathers12 13

She's just being overprotective. That is what moms do. Just listen to her she will change her mind soon enough!

thatdesertdude 7

No, that's not what normal parents do with 19 year olds. that's what overprotective religious psycho nut parents do.

lunabrenda21 0

You must be joking-.-