By jhftrainer23 - 05/08/2011 14:42 - United States

Today, the woman I'm training at work asked, while staring intently at the keyboard, "now, which one of these buttons is the space-bar again?" She is 80 years old, types about 1 word per minute, and I have just one week to get her completely trained. FML
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mgsoloist 14

I think 36 couldn't find the space bar either.

kiran_fml 5

How does an 80 year old get a job while I can't? ?


There's a few things you could train her to do in a week

futtbuck101 1

She's got the heart of a champion..well not really.

kiran_fml 5

How does an 80 year old get a job while I can't? ?


mgsoloist 14

I think 36 couldn't find the space bar either.

erikaa1123 4

Than get off FML and start training her!

Cue the training montage! *plays the Rocky theme song* =)

Suck it up OP. Look at it this way: How terrible it is that an 80 year old woman has to work to live! Ridiculous. Western society is backwards when it comes to caring for our elderly.

enonymous 8

Everytime I press the Tab button nothing happens!!! Where is my Tab!!?!?

I know right...seriously these ppl need to retire and let ppl who actually need jobs have them

No, it would be a start if she had been able to find it, 58.

mine2take 5

I see what you did there. You must be that old lady OP is training.

DragonText 4

Maybe 60+ years of experience?

119, she probably couldn't really afford to retire. Not everyone has that luxury.

Think of it as a challenge. A test. :)

SirObvious 1

Do you think she's going to last another week? Jk she wants this so help her out!

damn your hot oop did I say that :/ .... wha!!! its true

I just try to look at the positive side of situations. Is that so bad? :'( I'm sooowwwwwwyyyy :( :(

kwchambers92 10

82 theres no plus to teaching a might as well be half dead woman how to type, I would personally go crazy, and were sorry you say "sowwy"

94- aurguably I could say the plus side to this situation is having an ultimate sense of happiness because you helped out an old woman. That's a very noble deed. And I personally belief that the plus sides to any situation is building character.

kwchambers92 10

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dyble95 0

104 I will take note of that for when your old.

kwchambers92 10

haha don't plan on getting there

BelleBelle_fml 11

The elderly were young once, and they have contributed to society just as much, if not more than the younger generation. We should respect them and treat them with kindness, because without them we wouldn't be here.

kwchambers92 10

sorry but i don't want to get to the point when people ask me how my day was I say "well, I woke up" they're not shaping our future, the kids are,we are. sure without old people we wouldn't be here, but ****, do they get on my nerves

She's old ha just be patient. Not her fault or her fault that's just how it is.

eminemchick 19

if im right, rodrick from diary of a wimpy kid couldnt find the spacebar either:/

Yeah, what did you expect from an 80 year old lady learning how to use a computer for the first time? It's not rocket science..for them.

Well wat did u expect? For her to type fast As ****?

My question is why was she even hired in the first place?

Sweej 1

Well, with approximately 50 years of experience, I would assume she could do more than 1 word per minute...

Seeing as she doesn't know where the space bar is, I would assume her experience isn't with computers

sxe_beast 11

You would think older people would be really good at typing though. I mean... way back when didn't they use typewriters? The QWERTY layout has been around since the late 1800's.

sxe_beast 11

My grandmother types extremely fast. She also uses twitter, facebook, tumblr, photobucket, youtube, livejournal, skype, Justin.TV, etc. on her iPhone and iPad. I have a cool grandma :D

ArielTheMermaid 17

maybe hire someone younger who can actually see the keyboard? unless its volunteer work then you're screwed

you're screwed OP but why in the world would you have to train an 80 year old anyway?

That is such a sexyy picture. Who is it?

my girlfriend, we rode dirt bikes up a mountain to swin in a river and it was the perfect picture

My mum used to work at the local library training elderly ones how to use a computer, because they don't know how to. Some get paid to, some just volunteer. It's helping out.

Young people make me Sick!!!! Yeah, at one time I thought I'd never get old but, alas, here I am! I just hope I see my 80th birthday! Getting old beats the alternative, dying!!!!

Old people are awesome. Like 113 said, you're gonna be old one day. Unless you're immortal...

I'm talking about when you see older people that are alone or struggling with something, I feel bad for them. OP shouldn't be hatein since they will probably be "old" one day too. Yes I will be old one day and that ad well will be sad. I'm already dreading getting older...I don't even wanna turn 21. Only 1 year left /:

'I don't know how she 'fell' out of the window Officer'