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^Wow. You couldn't think of anything else to say (probably because you realized that your comment was stupid and now are butthurt), so you dissed his gaming abilities on CallofDuty? Ouch.

Seriously, shut the fuck up.


81-This isn't twitter dumbass. It's FML. Save the hashtags. And so what if he chose to include it? It's none of your fucking business. If he wanted to, he could've added what his favorite porn sites are.

It's his business, not yours. Again, shut the fuck up.


You're funny, Boy genius.

No sticks are up my ass, but I have zero tolerance for dipshits like you. As a matter of fact, I think you need a stick shoved up your ass.

Now you're just trolling. Hope you're enjoying yourself fucktard. Better make sure mommy doesn't catch you talking shit over the internet.


More clever comments. Oh joy!

Nah, I was thinking your dad would help you stick it up there. You do enjoy things up your ass right? 'Cause that's where your head seems to be.

And stereotypes! How I do enjoy those! Trust me my teeth are fine, but at the rate you're going, your future will consist of brushing your teeth with toilet water. I'm done with this flamewar. Enjoy your sorry excuse for a life.

  redwednesday  |  11

maybe as a teen she was involved with sex parties, and after hearing Dr Phil say it she realized her child probably goes to sex parties all the time. parents always assume their child is doing what they did at that age.

  Marcella1016  |  31

If they're going to assume the worst anyway, and not believe OP when she tells them it's not true, she should just "admit" it and say she'll stop. Looks like there's no winning with her mom anyway. I hate overly dramatic parents.

  JackFaire  |  27

It's worse than that. Every generation our parents create some"fun" thing that we all must be doing and the media runs with it turning it into this big thing and using "confessions of real teens" to prove we are doing it they all get ratings boost we look at our parents like they are idiots and wonder how the hell something like what they thought up could be fun.

Once we are parents the cycle repeats itself and rather than keeping in mind the bullshit we put up with as teens most parents conveniently forget and put their kids through the same shit.

Here is the trick if it doesn't sound fun to you then it doesn't sound fun to them either.

  ohmandapants  |  16

^ screw the both of you. I'm from Quebec and I don't smoke, I don't protest and I don't participate in "sex parties". Montreal is one hell of a great city. Don't generalise.
And we take money from the rest of Canada? Wow, way to talk out of your ass. We're just as much a part of this country as you people.