By Anonymous - 24/09/2011 16:15 - United States

Today, my mom and I heard a thump from inside the coat closet. I opened the door, and something fell on me. My mom, who was behind me, screamed, closed the laundry room door, and ran into the garage, leaving me to face the alleged attacker. It was the vacuum. FML
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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cause they vacuuming e'erybody out here.

Motherly love.


Motherly love.


save yourself, push everyone around you to the ground. sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices. I think i just butchered the spelling on that one. :x

At least OP didn't get stitches from their mom

22cute 17

Your mom sucks. I hope she knows it.

So you hear a thump from the closet door and you opened it why?

jose18 3

Guess your moms not gonna win the mother of the year award

maybe the Casey Anthony award tho

mishkaroni 15

Haha the Casey Anthony award!

the competition today is a mother who kicked her child out for eating a poptart with no plate, and one who left most of 50 messages asking her 27 year old son when he's getting home. fierce competition. well, now you know how to clear the house out when you're bored/need privacy, if you live there.

haha that mad eme laugh :D

När jag läste detta tyckte jag att det var din mamma som föll ut ur garderoben

This makes me think of Ghostbusters

Somethin strange.... Thumpin' in your closet.... Who ya gonna call?!

I can picture this scene.... Tsk tsk :3

leadman1989 15

Lol so could I *vacuum falls Op - run mom save yoursel- mom?... mom? WTF?

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cause they vacuuming e'erybody out here.

I know people are going to thumb me down for this but.. Your comment is funny but it sounds better saying errbody not errybody.. Just sayin'

Another attack of the 2011 vacuum threats. Tough times we live in.

mohammadkm95 6

Well that must've… sucked

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Wow, what a mom right? Atleast you'll know what she'll do when something like that'll happen. Haa..?

beebeeL 1

Ever man/woman for themself !