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Today, I called my mother to check up on her. Lately, she's been having some financial problems, so last week I sent her my last $100 to help her out until her next paycheck. She used the money to euthanize the family dog. FML
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If the dog had a serious illness doesnt seem wrong, unless she did it just to get rid of an expense


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don't take offence from your mom, she's just always loved the dog more. don't worry im sure she'll pay you back... in dog biscuits. 

21, If the dog was sick, the OP would have mentioned it.

She probably has to go without FiOs because she had to pay for something her car's tires could have done. FHL.

YDI. what did the dog ever do to you? huh???

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sucubusprime, you're a bitch, I'd run over you

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**** fml stop giving me ******* warnings

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Damn lol, this is weird. I don't really know what to say OP.

nothing a .308 can't fix right? doesn't cost a $100 who am I kidding, of coarse I wouldn't shoot my family dog. euthanasia was the best option OP.

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If the roles were reversed, they'd do the same to us... it must've been humping everything in sight. I want my mom to do the girl dog version of this (spayed?) to our dog cause that ho bleeds & shit... & she's lesbian, not that there's anything wrong w/ that, but our other female dog gets girl raped by her & she goes around humping other female dogs. I'd be proud if I could get some cute puppies out of it but that ain't gonna happen.

ok I'm sure the dog was sick... seriously people you really think her mom said "hey, a hundred bucks and I don't know how to spend it... come here Sparky it's time to die now!"

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oh damn, what the **** was I just talking about? hahahahaha oh, so she killed the dog? well, shit happens. maybe it was sick.

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91. euthanize means to kill. neuter is to cut off balls. spayed is correct. dumbass. :)

if you call now, ill give u fresh order of dog

Learn to read #34. The mom killed the dog without asking the OP.

The dog was probably sick.. Otherwise she would have given it to a shelter for free. OP is an asshat.

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everytime a bell whistles a dog get his juevos back

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#101, I already corrected myself, retard. As you can see, I read it wrong... You're just trying too be seen, aren't ya little guy? I'm gonna be nice & let the retard have its fun :)

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Sounds like a waste of money to me. Nothing a twelve gauge can't fix.

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fake, Fake, FAKE! god, they aren't going to let you just euthanize a dog. they would have you pit it up for adoption. unless the dog was sick. in that case that was a good thing your mother did

that sucks, maybe it was sick or something. but YDI for sending her the money. oh and #155, ur hot ;)

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101 I think the "dumbass" remark couldve been left out... but anyways stop fighting over the Internet.

she could have sold it, wouldve at least gotten money for it.. wat the ****

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umm didn't you used to be the flirt or something? I'm so confused! lol

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wow... idk how my comment got down ere but it was supposed to be under #26

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Green_eyes, that's how threadjacking works. I could never shoot an animal, ok wait, yes I could. If a squirrel came within 500 yards of me, I would blow that sucker to smithereens.

#89 if you were referring to me, thanks =D if you were referring to #1, nvm this comment, however, you do have a real pretty pic yourself!

#156, just wondering whether the man that touched your guitar happens to be black?? or if that has nothing to do with the situation lol.

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Marinus, she was totally talking to me lol.

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#175 yea i guess that could be true :)

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haha yeah I figured but it totally sucks.. oh well! : p

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101, stop be a **** muncher and read that he corrected himself

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I thought it was other person :)

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dang op. uncool, you should take her tv and sell it to recoup the money you lost and then some.

sound decision, economically, anyway. don't let emotion cloud your judgement. at least she didn't do it using a millstone, a tennis ball, and a lake...

as horrible as this sounds, it would have actually saved money. eg. not having to buy dog food, pay vet fees if it was actually sick etc.

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#171, haha yes it was to you.

maybe she meant put the dog down in that case is was write be more open minded

If the dog had a serious illness doesnt seem wrong, unless she did it just to get rid of an expense

@ SOMAgirl, in some states its illegal to leave an animal at a shelter (aka dumping) and you can be fined or jailed.

It wouldn't be an FML if the dog was sick.

Um... He sent her the 100 bucks to take care of herself.. not the dog, y'know? Maybe if the dog was sick then that would be okay.

Why? I can't think of a reason why op deserves this.

They see me trollin... They hatin... Patrolling and trying to catch me writin dirty...

Never give money to relatives unless it's a holiday.

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#11 haha your hair is awsome and your pretty gorgeous too haha

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thanks 126! and whaatt 105? lol(:

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haha no problemo nice legs daisy dukes makin me go woo woo