Today, I called my mother to check up on her. Lately, she's been having some financial problems, so last week I sent her my last $100 to help her out until her next paycheck. She used the money to euthanize the family dog. FML
By Anonymous / Tuesday 29 June 2010 18:53 / United States
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If the roles were reversed, they'd do the same to us... it must've been humping everything in sight. I want my mom to do the girl dog version of this (spayed?) to our dog cause that ho bleeds & shit... & she's lesbian, not that there's anything wrong w/ that, but our other female dog gets girl raped by her & she goes around humping other female dogs. I'd be proud if I could get some cute puppies out of it but that ain't gonna happen.

  mattman1994  |  0

ok I'm sure the dog was sick... seriously people you really think her mom said "hey, a hundred bucks and I don't know how to spend it... come here Sparky it's time to die now!"


fake, Fake, FAKE! god, they aren't going to let you just euthanize a dog. they would have you pit it up for adoption. unless the dog was sick. in that case that was a good thing your mother did

  FFML_314  |  11

Green_eyes, that's how threadjacking works.

I could never shoot an animal, ok wait, yes I could. If a squirrel came within 500 yards of me, I would blow that sucker to smithereens.

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as horrible as this sounds, it would have actually saved money.
eg. not having to buy dog food, pay vet fees if it was actually sick etc.