By ouch - United States
Today, I finally finished vacuuming my downstairs. Instead of finding the wall outlet and unplugging the vacuum, I triumphantly tugged the cord from across the room to release the plug from the wall. It flew at me at top speed and hit me in the face. FML
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  JustSoLost  |  8

Not funny. Maybe you should do the sucking for everyone. Since you suggested it. On the second thought, no thank you.
OP Not such a smart idea at all. Think before you act on things.

  zendaddy0  |  0

he must be in with them you know who's they are the remote the keys even that damned last puzzle piece they always hide and strike when you least expect it

  GumStickExtraGmail  |  21

you sound like you just got some Starbucks

  LilaBear  |  1

how the hell is that defying physics? Last I checked it's pretty possible that if you yank on something hard enough, it will come flying towards you, and if your face is in the wrong spot, then yes I imagine it'd hit you in the face.

By  NHS_ASM  |  0

I moderated this so I could say:

YDI: If you read any of the warnings, instructions, or warranties, you would know not to pull on the cord, only by the plug.


^^^This. Not only could the cord come back at you suddenly, you run the risk of breaking the plug, the cord, or the wall socket. And a damaged cord, plug, or wall socket could lead to an electrical short and cause a fire.

YDI, ya dumb twit.

  st0815  |  9

The thing which she claimed happened (and it's friggin unlikely that it did) is not what the warning is about. You shouldn't pull the plug out by the cord because there is a remote chance that it can damage the plug, that's all.

  st0815  |  9

No it's not. There is a remote chance of something bad happening from that. "Don't stick a screwdriver into a socket" or "don't touch live wires" those are important rules.