By jellyfish_ftw - 15/12/2009 22:45 - United States

Today, I woke up to my boyfriend's crazy ex, who let herself in with her old key. She screamed at me to get out of "her" bed, snatched "her" blanket off of my body, and finally dragged the bed itself out the door. I was still in it. FML
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OP, replying. this is my big explanation, so pay attention. the whole situation came about because my boyfriend was trying to keep the breakup friendly since they had a kid together, and he wants to stay in his daughter's life. therefore, he hadn't really made a fuss about making her give back everything of his/take everything of hers. this was also because he didn't fully realize how crazy she was. the ex hated my guts already and we all knew it, and she had made threats to my boyfriend saying things like, "she'd better hope she doesn't come across me anywhere, or i'll kick her ass." the morning of the incident, he had left early for work 45 minutes away, leaving me to sleep in. his ex called him at work telling him she needed to get something from the apartment, which he usually leaves unlocked because we live in a small town. he told her it was locked and that i was there and he didn't want her going over there......which made her insanely angry, obviously. she came over with her old key and her sister (in the sister's van) and started flipping shit. i was asleep, and i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm extremely disoriented and out of it when i first wake up. so all i could really do was stare blearily at her while she yelled and tore blankets off. when she grabbed the bed, i woke up enough to get out of it. she took off with the bed, which was a double-size box-spring and mattress, and dragged it to her sister's van which was waiting outside, and they drove off. when my boyfriend came home and found out the situation, he bitched her out and told her he would do something about it if she ever came in without asking/him being there again. there you go, FML. full story.

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Jesus, what a psycho. And where was your boyfriend when this was happening?

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What I wanna know is, why did you stay in the bed while she dragged it out of the door?


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LOL sounds like the perfect joke tbh.

You didn't even lift a finger or anything? Damn, you're one lazy bitch. Maybe the boyfriend isn't even worth shit.

Maybe it actually was her bed, like maybe she paid for it originally and just wanted to pick up all her old stuff and give all his stuff back to him. only the stuff that was originally hers couldn't fit in a small box... I wonder how she got that sh!t home lol, i can see a minivan with a bed on top with a soccer mom-like chick in the front seat all red faced.Maybe thats just me though....Nahh

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The 'ihatestacy' website looks more like some bimbo desperate for attention, or a thinly veiled advertisement for adult friend finder than an ex boyfriend's revenge. OP: Why were you just sitting in the bed while it was being dragged out of the house? If you're not going to kick her ass, at least get out of the damn bed.

yeah.. why didnt you get out of her bed? If her bed was in his place they were probabaly living together and didnt break up too long ago if her bed and blanket were still there. It doesnt sound like shes all that psycho to me. It sounds like she needed her bed back and shes pissed off that some chick is sleeping in it and wouldnt get out until she drug it out the door

not her damn bed. it was his bed and his blanket which she had used when she was there, during the time they were dating. i guess she should have also taken his toilet, since she used that too. and since she later informed my boyfriend that she destroyed the bed with an axe and then burned it in her back yard........i'm gonna go ahead and assume that she didn't have any use for the bed itself. god, people are dumb.

Jesus, what a psycho. And where was your boyfriend when this was happening?

he was at work, with no idea any of this was happening.

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it would be more funny if your bf was on the shitter

Uhm why didn't he change the locks? She's a crazy bitch and he's a dumb ****. FYL indeed.

Changing the locks on the door wouldn't have helped. If his ex-girlfriend is strong enough to drag the entire bed with her still in it his ex is probably also strong enough to just kick the door in. Is she a body builder?

nah, she'd probably be too pissed at the fact that he changed the locks to kick the door down, and go **** it up at the bar to prove "she's still desirable"

thats when you smack that crazy bitch OP!! i wudda.

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LMAO! I wouldn't even know how to react.

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Why were you still in it after she told you to get out then?

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What I wanna know is, why did you stay in the bed while she dragged it out of the door?

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I guess the "I woke up" part is the key. When I wake up I need some time to react to what's happening, even if I'm being dragged out of my apartment in my bed.

exactly. all i could do was stare at her over the edge of the blanket and wonder what the **** she was doing there. i got out of the bed when she went He-Woman on it, obviously.

how big is your bed? and how big is your doorway? .D.

Sounds like she bought the bed with "her" money and so she wants "her" bed back. And "her" blanket too. Too bad she didn't call first. She must have forgotten "her" old phone number.

thanks for sharing, "i_am_stupid_also". nice to see that you realize you're an idiot - they say admission is the first step to recovery. you're right, the fact that she was with my boyfriend at one point means that all of his posessions belong to her. good job.

come on. it's FML, and i just had a hell of a day. i don't have to be nice to stupid people who try to make it worse.

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don't feel bad OP, "sam licker" looks like the spawn of Cher and a retarded clown

why didn't you call the cops throughout this entire thing? you are talking about "common sense" when you clearly have none. so look at the pot calling the kettle black.