By Lilragu97 - 26/07/2012 05:14 - United States - Exeter

Today, I walked into my upstairs bathroom to find my mom's new boyfriend eating soup, naked on the toilet. In shock, I stepped back and fell down a flight of stairs, backwards, and hit my head on wall, leaving a dent in it. FML
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Don't you knock? He could've spill hot soup on his penis! Jesus!

Well that was a series of unfortunate events.


noelykins1 19

That must of hurt but it could of been worse he could of been standing up.

noelykins1 19

Completely fine. I forgot about that grammar rule.

^It's not a rule; it's a way of life.

mbusey 20

Yes, and you got buried for forgetting it.

Don't you knock? He could've spill hot soup on his penis! Jesus!

allthatandmore 0

Chicken noodle soup for the soul...

Chicken noodle soup for the middle-aged testicles was my favorite one.

MikeonFML 17

I pictured him leaving the door open for some reason

No shit. A dent in op's head would most likely kill her.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#78 - Not necessarily. I have a dent on my head when I accidentally fell right on the corner of the table (this was a couple years ago). I'm still alive, as you can see. So don't be an ass 'cause it can go either way.

Llamacod 11

hey now, he isn't being an ass. you've said and proved that a dent in your head could go either way; you survived your head dent but others have not. don't be so rude

nancyschmancy 9

He eats on the toilet? Your mom has a keeper! FYL

pillowsarecomfy 2

I agree! Eating on the toilet kind of defeats the purpose of being on the toilet in the first place.

greenalleycat 4

It's all about maximising the efficiency of the recycling process

Nah, it's to torment the soup with the knowledge of its eventual resting place.

Did anyone else read 'eating soap' first?

marisadc79 0

Hmm this one sounds a bit to much and out there to be true. If it did happen wow what a messed up chain of events.

I Would be in a huge shock also if that happened to me ....

Michael_92 20

Are you sure its huge shock and not small shock? Could it even possibly be average shock?

Now that i think about it it's more of an average shock, not the kind of shock when you fall off stairs ... thanks For helping me clear that up !!!:p

That must hurt physically and mentaly and on every scale you might think of..BUT why to eat in the bathroom!!!! just why-eww!!?

matthew3 2

You clearly haven't read the FML properly.

matthew3 2

Bowl of soup to help you feel better?