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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I think the real moral of this story is that locks are a magical thing, and little siblings are in the business of snapping necks and cashing checks and don't give a damn about their bad reputation.

  littleteapot  |  21

The doors in my house are easily unlocked with a butter knife, credit card, penny, or pretty much anything. Maybe OP's locks suck like mine.

On a side note, if you do have to beat your money out of him... used a rolled up phone book. No bruises!

Another side note, don't beat your little brother.

  Astrum14  |  24

Or maybe there's no locks at all. Lots of older houses don't have locks on the door. I had to install one myself in the last place I lived. And if they're renting, they might not be able to do that, depending on the person you're renting from.

  KitchKraft  |  21

He deserved it for having sex in a place where his little brother would walk in. It's none of my business what a person's sex life is like, but they should be more careful or not complain when they get caught.

  linkinpark98  |  23

That still won't cover up the fact that the guy's parents now know their son has been having sex in their house while his younger sibling was on loose. But hey, money is money!