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Today, it's my birthday and I received a signed vintage Beatles' album from my wife. Awesome right? It's the same album some jerk way over-bidded me for on eBay. That jerk was my wife, using my credit card. FML
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Ouch, man. At least the album ended up safely in your hands at the end.

Awww. And then at Christmas, you could pawn your heirloom pocket watch so you could buy her some ornate haircombs for her long beautiful hair, and meanwhile, she cuts and sells her hair to buy you a chain for your heirloom pocket watch - what a riot! Oh, Henry, the IRONY!!!


Ouch, man. At least the album ended up safely in your hands at the end.

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ya but still i think OP's wife knew his ebay username and just owned him.. big time! haha

You ungrateful sod! 1) At least now you have the album 2) Your wife knows exactly what you like 3) Tell her the story of how you bid for that exact same album on eBay and you'll laugh about it.

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How do you know she knew it was him?

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she didn't own him. it just shows that she really loves you and wanted to get the present for you that badly.


actually ebay doesn't show the names of those who are also bidding on an item, it just says like for the username curryndricegirll it would be c***l or something like that, I havnt bid on anything in a while.

Actually, this is a really sweet story! His wife obviously knows him really well and it's hilarious she unknowingly outbid him for the album. I wonder about the credit card, though. I guess they don't share money as husband and wife? That's part of the story that's unclear to me.

I think you're all missing the major point here; she outbid him. With HIS credit card. So basically because she wanted it as a present for him, it cost him a lot more money.

yeah god-darn lucky to have enough money to buy Beatle collectibles!!! ughhh can i have it? xD i swear i'd die to meet them. i love them ever so. i'm pretty sure i'm one of the biggest fans in the world, with over 4 thousand sound files, and about 30 books (i'd have more but i'm poor), bunch of vinyls), and all their movies, plus hours of their rare video footage. i love seeing fellow beatle fans

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D= LUCKY!!!!!!! im like..MADLY inlove with The Beatles!!

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#82 notice that it says using HIS CREDIT CARD!

don't complain. it seemed like she wasnt that great with the interweb business, but she had great intentions. it was a great thoughtful heartfelt gift. appreciate.

she used his credit card...if she used her own then it would show she truly loved him...shes just spending his own money on him. which is ironic.

It isn't all that much of a gift if he paid for it though

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awe you poor thing your wife got you an awsome present stop bitching

Well, he paid for it. And he paid more for it than if she hadn't got him anything.

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And if she got him nothing, he would be here whining about that. She was trying to do something nice. Quit crying, OP, you have a nice wife.

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Who pays for his expensive presents with his money.

So how is this an FML? You got the album anyway. At least you didn't call her a jerk, right? Also, I would love to have that as a birthday present, so...

You don't understand. She bought the album using his credit card, therefore he paid for his own gift anyway. Also, he would have gotten it for a lot cheaper if she hadn't outbid him in the auction...

Yeah - so what? It should be "their" money anyway. This really isn't a big deal whatsoever, his life isn't "******." This is more of a funny coincidence.

yeah, but even if it's "their" money, they now have less of "their" money than they would have.

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chanman- that would be true no matter what she got him.

People take these comments way too seriously. I still kinda would have been thankful though. :| (IM OBSESSED WITH THE BEATLES) :X

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I agree with #4 - you got the album, so what's the problem?

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The problem is that she way over-bidded on it, and then payed for it with his money. Any person with a little respect would not buy a present for someone using that persons money. That's just wrong! She is a jerk, FYL.

The fact that she used his money to buy it, and that he wound up paying far more than he would have? It's not difficult to understand.

you obviously need to re-read the FML.

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but then why would he have bothered to put that in?

get revenge cut the part between the legs out of all her panties, you can have a nice laugh and a happy birthday doing it

that is hilarious!! it was meant to be, right? I hope you had a laugh over that, its a great story!

Plus, I don't think it's that bad of an FML because it seems like you were ready to pay almost as much as she bid anyway...if anything, it's kind of cute. Don't whine.

"WAY over-bidded me" isn't exactly the same as "almost as much".

be grateful, you have a wife that loves you and actually knows what you really want. I still cant figure out what to get my boyfriend for his birthday

"WAY over-bidded me" isn't exactly the same as "almost as much".

oops, sorry for that. meant for #11 timer ran out for editing it by the time i noticed it >.< oh and i agree with your post, he should be more grateful.