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Today, my landlord informed me that from now on, she'd prefer if I paid my rent in cash each month. Apparently, I "look sketchy" and she didn't "ever want to deal with the hassle of a bounced check." FML
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Freaking stereotypes... Just because I'm in a wheelchair doesn't mean I'm retarded. Fuggin idiots. FYL, stereotypes oppress us all.

There's a stereotype that people in wheelchairs are retarded? I've never heard that one before. But I don't hang with idiots.


Freaking stereotypes... Just because I'm in a wheelchair doesn't mean I'm retarded. Fuggin idiots. FYL, stereotypes oppress us all.

There's a stereotype that people in wheelchairs are retarded? I've never heard that one before. But I don't hang with idiots.

#15 is saying only idiots have that stereotype, and since he doesn't hang around with said idiots, he's never heard that particular saying.

Stereotypes suck, I'm blonde I know haha. But when people have low expectations, it makes it easier to impress them.

One of my coaches from highschool was in a wheelchair due to an accident. He is one of the smartest people I know.

I dunno if the wheelchair thing is really a stereotype so much as a fact of life, I mean look at that Stephen Hawking guy! Such a 'tard...

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Stereotypes, my favorite is because I'm a black female, I'm a loud, belligerent, ghetto mess--not a university student who wants to teach English in India.

55- Can't forget the yelling at the movie theater screen during a show.

Get a receipt every time and keep it in a file. I can see this going very bad.

26 - It also makes it easier to kill them in their sleep, should your heart desire.

That's when you reply, " oh that's okay, my cocaine dealer doesn't take checks either!"

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#61 This is a sound piece of advice. I hope the OP sees this.

Give him monopoly money. See how he takes your sketchiness then.

Live the stereotype. Put in it a roll or in a film canister.

Better yet, a suitcase full of rolls.

Yes, you are correct. Thank you for pointing that out.

Yes, but OP should have said landlady, the female version.

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68 - Technically you are right. But, some titles nowadays are used as unisex terms. I'm not sure if landlord/landlady is one of them. I do know that certain nicknames, like "guys" and "dudes", are now often used to refer to both genders. So in the grand scheme, I don't think it would really matter.

its more likely that she just doesnt want to claim the rental income on her taxes, if a cheque bounces its no different than not paying her the cash in the grand scheme of things, but if she gets the rent in cash she doesn't have to claim it. OP should ask for a receipt.

49 - My first thought was receipt, as well. If OP pays in cash, there's no record of payments received and the landlord can take OP to court claiming they didn't pay rent.

49-I agree. If the landlord was really worried about bounced cheques she could ask for a cashier's check each month instead of cash.

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I'd be worried if he asked me to pay in cash. Why didn't he ask for a money order or a cashier check? Don't forget to ask for and keep all receipts of payments.

Tell your landlord that you didn't want to give her a check anyways because you were afraid she would steal your identity. What a jerk!

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Think about this differently; no need to launder money anymore!

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Tell her she's a bitch and there's no cure for chronic bitch syndrome... Bitch... She's lucky she even gets rent from you on time.

Just don't say "bitch please", because then you might get "bitch slapped."

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Then I'll have her arrested for assault... :D I know that's a previous fml reference... Haha.

is it really that big of hassle for OP can't blam the landlord for being cautious.

The landlord is being stupid, not cautious.

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The landlord is being sketchy.....I like to have a paper trail as proof I've paid something. Cash leaves no trail. I'd definitely require a signed and dated receipt!

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She's not being cautious by the context of this fml. She singling out an individual by how she perceives him. It would be a different story if she made it a blanket policy. Not just for those who look suspicious to her. So yes it is that bad you dick cheese.

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Actually you Should never pay your rent in cash

Anyone else read "Penises" From that? I did.

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Cum covered pennies? Hmm But seriously, I second the pay in pennies. And it's illegal for her not to accept them. According to the anti discrimination acts in the 70's. Enjoy

An individual or business is not required to take a payment in coins above the value of a roll of that coins. The landlord would only have to accept 50 pennies.

Self pompous bitch tell her you prefer to pay her with cheques so you can keep track of where your money is going because she looks like a thieving witch.

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Exactly. Last time I paid in cash, the bastard skipped town when the building got taken over by someone else and I had no record of payment. Yes, I was too stupid to ask for a receipt. Lesson learned. I always pay by check AND ask for a receipt. Tell your landlord that, unless everyone else is paying by cash, she can't force you to pay in cash. Site some bogus legal precedent and tell her you work as a paralegal.

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Cashier cheques and money orders are as guaranteed as cash.

Because giving someone a wad of cash isn't sketchy at all...

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If anything.. Doesn't paying something of a large amount in cash seem sketchy?