By extraflavour - United Kingdom
Today, I went to a local take-away and ordered a pizza. I watched the worker get my pizza out the oven, then wipe the pizza cutter on the trash bin to get rid of the last pizza's toppings, and then cut my pizza. FML
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  bailo  |  0

i think what #3 is trying to tell you, blink182, is shut the fuck up. ok?

i know this isn't in caps, but i'm hoping you're still able to understand it.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Today, I took a bite of my pizza. It tasted like man-juice. FML

It's still pizza suck it up!

  crazytoaster  |  2

Salmonella pizza sounds far more appealing than it should.

@ The OP

Wouldn't be an FML if you had looked at that pizza and said "get fucked i'm eating that". Then went somewhere else.

  renaet  |  0

Same here! The story should have ended with: So I told that bitch off and got the manager involved and now I get free pizza for a year and I will probably gain 50 pounds because of it. FML

  DomK  |  0

Did you consider the possibility that probably the trash can was there for this very purpose? They have ti cut pizzas all day. So they have to wipe the knife all day. So there has to be a system for that. May be there was a trash can lined with a bag for this purpose and it's not unhygienic?

  renaet  |  0

Obviously fuckhead. Of course that's too much to add but my point was that it was in no way a FML because it could have simply been resolved with her saying something. And I wouldn't give a flying fuck if it was a trash with a bag on it. Trash is trash is trash. A bag doesn't make a difference because TRASH is still going in that direction. A wet rag or napkin would have been more reasonable.

  Dante_Nakura  |  0

-You drop a piece of cutlery in front of a customer and using super sneaky sleight of hand give it back to them while looking like you got a new one.
-You cut some chicken or something and turn around to toss it in the pan, turn back around to see your knife is missing. Later you see someone cutting vegetables with it and serving them raw...
-The sweaty overweight chef (of which every restaurant has at least one) every so often has drops of sweat fall off his nose into the food.
-The plates/cutlery are dirty when you pull them out of the dishwasher? Just wipe them with the cloth you have tucked into the back of your apron, which you also wipe everything else with. Such as spills on the edge of plates, your hands after they get covered in blood from the raw steak, the knife before you cut something, etc, etc.
Need more or are you done?

  Maxine17  |  8

This doesn't happen at the place I work at!

So I all suggest you come to England, on the Isle of Wight, and go to the White Lion pub in Arrreton!

If it helps, Enter Shikari have been there.