By imfucked
Today, I found out the paycheck I deposited on Tuesday bounced. This means that the checks I sent to my landlord, the electric and gas company and my mom will also bounce. When I told my boss, we got into an argument over bank fees and he fired me. I had thumped him, though. FML
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  Darebearius  |  7

I work for a bank and this not true at all. Setting an expectation that we can just waive fees as a courtesy is hurtful towards the bank because clients get this idea in their head that, even though they signed a contractual agreement wherein they agree to the late fees and agree to the validity of them, they can be waived. This just leads to entitled people who throw tantrums when they're told "no". It's on a case by case basis whether or not the fees are waived, but asking nicely is not a guarantee at all. It doesn't increase nor decrease your chances of getting a refund.