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  roobear  |  2

I almost did this recently, as I almost never send snail mail, but I took the 10 seconds to look at another piece of mail to see which address went where.

  KeXu  |  6

what if you put an address in both the 'to' and 'from' spots? if they return it if u dont have a postage stamp, does that mean you get to send it for free?

  swasticop  |  0

1- no, that is only the reason why he messed it up. Second grade! That was 13 years ago for me, and I don't write letters. I'm lucky to remember how to correctly label it. I think I know? Um...

By  PsychoticAsylum  |  26

He got that from Art of Trolling. xP Too cheap to buy stamps? Write your adress on the envelope, the person you want to send the letter to as the Return Adress. Letter will be returned to the other person.

  wes85  |  2

I think it would only work if you were mailing something within the same city and you put it in one of those postal boxes. Otherwise the mailmen would probably figure it out.