By sunflower226 - 05/08/2011 21:41 - United States

Today, I had to pay a $150 late fee because my landlord didn't receive the rent check. My boyfriend had addressed the envelope to himself and put the landlord's as the return address. FML
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I bet he thought someone sent him money too.

Sounds like someone needs to repeat 2nd grade


Sounds like someone needs to repeat 2nd grade

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nah just common sense how sad that people have forgotten how to address an envelope this day in age

I almost did this recently, as I almost never send snail mail, but I took the 10 seconds to look at another piece of mail to see which address went where.

what if you put an address in both the 'to' and 'from' spots? if they return it if u dont have a postage stamp, does that mean you get to send it for free?

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43 they won't do anything with stamp.

1- no, that is only the reason why he messed it up. Second grade! That was 13 years ago for me, and I don't write letters. I'm lucky to remember how to correctly label it. I think I know? Um...

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Your name should be changed to "MYlifesucks"

2 - have you never sent mail before or can you just not read?

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Next time send your check less than a day before it's due?

we did. it was sent out on the 27th and took a week in the mail to go out, get processed, and get delivered back to us.

i like your pic because it looks like youre shirtless :D

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Yes! third person I've seen comment on their own FML... and I've seen a lit of them

Your the first person I've seen comment on their fml cool your awesome and sorry about bfs mistake

he's actually a genius! send it without a stamp and they'll send the envelope to the return address. Free mailing! score! trololol.

I bet he thought someone sent him money too.

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Next time I would deal with something as important as the rent myself if I were you...

He got that from Art of Trolling. xP Too cheap to buy stamps? Write your adress on the envelope, the person you want to send the letter to as the Return Adress. Letter will be returned to the other person.

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Yea but that only works if he did not put a stamp on it. LOL

Haha I know someone who used to do that! He's a really cheap bugger.

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Yeah, so really the OP is out $150.44! (or whatever the hell a stamp costs these days!)

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Haha I saw this one before. Can you actually do that?

I think it would only work if you were mailing something within the same city and you put it in one of those postal boxes. Otherwise the mailmen would probably figure it out.

if that actually works I think you just changed the game

lol I've never used letters, but that sucks you didn't pick the brightest bf did you? I guess that has it's positives and negatives though.

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If u want something done right, do it yourself