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By gofixmyhead - 30/08/2011 14:53 - United Kingdom

Today, in the flat I share with four students, I broke our toaster. The night before, they'd successfully managed to toast chicken soup-covered crumpets in it whilst drunk. I tried to toast a teacake, and the whole thing exploded in flames and smoke. Our toaster got taken out by a raisin. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Call for backup. We can not let this sorry excuse for a dried-up grape get away with a crime like this.

I heard the rate of suicide bombing on toatsers are raisin' these days.


At least it didn't catch the building on fire..

nixter5 18

Too much happening in this FML for me to comprehend.

jillianmathers12 13

Same! I think that I need school to come back!

The Brave Little Toaster has met it's match. It is a sad, sad day.

coffeygirl12 14

Raisins are evil. Don't trust them...

Sometimes you just gotta do some work on a toaster.

Its always something with toast on FML...

ducttapewallet 7

F that toasters L

I think you mean "at least it didn't SET the building on fire.."

fakeaccountX 6

This is honestly the most entertaining thing I have ever read. Thank you for being in the UK.

bryannab1 0

My toaster bursted into flames once when i put in a toaster waffle.

Looks like your toaster was "raisin" its standards... Yeah? Ok I'll admit that was terrible

You think that's embarrassing? My pet venus fly trap died eating a ladybug. :/

Why am I thumbed down???

Probably due to your condescending nature of correcting an innocent person's grammar. We grammar nazis only attack people's grammar when they are conceited and deserve to be taunted. The initial poster was making a harmless joke and as such should not be Nazi'd.

Yes but they could at least show a basic comprehension of English and not write in the fashion of a nursery child

You didn't even punctuate your sentence. -_-

I personally am rubbish at punctuation but I do have a justified objection to people not using the correct words.

I am coming back to this FML slightly over four years later, and I would like to apologise for my sheer unadulterated dickishness, I'm embarrassed just looking at how I acted

iAmScrubs 19

Call for backup. We can not let this sorry excuse for a dried-up grape get away with a crime like this.

I'm on the case with my tracker hound already scrubs. It won't get far!

I heard the rate of suicide bombing on toatsers are raisin' these days.

flockz 19

my face is wrinkled with frustration. the search for the elusive "raisin bomber" has hit a dry streak.

Sunny_Eclipse 6

...I see what you did there, 29.

flockz 19

i see what you did there 36.... all though i think i am the only one who will ever see what i did there...

Sonic_boomerang 5

I see what you did there 44

TheRealHouse 7

I see dead people

I see what you did there 44. Wrinkled lol.

What?! It's always a beautiful day with two scoops of raisins.

Raisins are little dried-up bits of evil.

lovelydarlings 6

Raisinets are the bomb though!

Chocolate covered raisins I can bear, regular ones are awful

The toaster was probably made by the Japs.

tebonz 4


well, clearly it was the residue from the chicken soup that had accumulated. it was a ticking time bomb. but still, epic fail! :D

No shit, prick. Obviously it was the soup. The point is, it sucks. No lectures required.

Cool your jets.

kelsey_katie 17

73, calm your horses.

Raisins are evil creatures, disguised as little fruits!

TheRealHouse 7

kinda like emo kids? jk.. ;)

crinx034 0

Wait emo's are disguised now?! Damn things are everywhere, spreading their depression and STD's

emmanizzer 6

Since when do emo's spread STDs?

they aren't creatures, they're my evil robot minions that are going to take over the world for me. be afraid >:)

Since when do emos actually suffer from depression?

Since I became emo

I think the chicken soup crumpets may be to blame. They may have dripped into it and then when toy turned it on it ignited.

It was a kamikaze raisin, on a mission to destroy.

So mine gets modded and not this??

That stinks for you!!