By chellegbelle - 14/05/2014 21:46 - United States - Graham

Today, I found out my neighbor collects body-bags. FML
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I'm curious as to how you found that out..


caohm 18

I don't know where one would even be around them so often to collect them besides morges and what appeal could they possibly have.

saad2605 16

#28 people find some scary shit to be appealing. And the worst part is this probably isn't even near the top.

#1 -- There isn't much room to move around in a body bag.

\ 28

Then again, how different is collecting body bags from collecting fake human skulls? Not that I defend it or anything, it's just something to consider.

titandesu 14

i kind of want to know how he got his hands on them without being a coroner but at the same time i'd really rather not

incoherentrmblr 21

Did you happen to see any child size coffins from Office Depot in their house?...

Time to look at real estate ...

O.O are they used body bags? or does he just go buy and collect new ones?

If OP is too nosy, there might be an addition to the number of used body bag in the neighbor's collection...

I hope he collects empty bags.

They would have to be new. I cannot see anyone selling a used body bag since it is considered a biohazard.

The question is: are they full or empty bags?

What do you think?

I'm curious as to how you found that out..

OP is in one

And he decides to write a FML post instead of calling the police.

This FML calls for a follow up!

F_Your_Life_001 0

So? And how do you even know?

AlittleSanity 11

But the real question is, does he collect bodies?

live bodies and stores them in bags with airholes

better than collecting bodies

ktiskool 18

Does your neighbor happen to be Dexter Morgan?

Thinking The Same Thing!

It Is Very Irritating When You Type Like This. Why do people even do that anyways?

You might be living next to dexter