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Today, my 8-year-old son microwaved his pet hamster. FML
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ScottVining 21

That is how Dexter started, with animals.

this is more horrifying : "son, that is NOT how you barbecue hamsters! "

Pop goes the hamster and other fun microwave games!

@32 If you had bothered to watch dexter you would know it's not, not even close. Dexter was and remained up close and personal to his kills, he wanted to see the life drain from their eyes. So infact, microwaving a hamster would be the complete opposite for dexter. Now go home or rewatch the entire thing.

106 - you forgot to add, very few times did the character, Dexter, kill by other means other than blade

Yes because being slowly irradiated to death less than 6 inches from your face on a spinning plate, it's not personal enough.

#28. I love you. Omg. That made my night. On another note. R.I.P. Mr. Hamster. And Dexter killed his neighbor's annoying dog. If I remember correctly.

horrifying for sure. i hope its a one time thing. then again i never knew or met any kids who did anything as weird as that even to see what it was like. good luck OP.

dexter didn't kill the dog. he and his girlfriend dognapped it and gave it to two little girls.

Actually Rita stole the neighbor's dog and gave it a to a friend. If that's the dog you were talking about.

incoherentrmblr 21

That was a different dog with older dexter. teenager dexter killed the dog. from Wiki. " Buddy was the name of the Morgans' next door neighbors' (the Billups) dog. The dog barked for an entire night while Doris Morgan, Dexter's foster mother was sick and it kept her awake. The next morning, the Billups reported the dog missing. Dexter had killed the animal and buried it, along with several other animals that he had killed previously."

Not sure if you are talking about the cartoon or the other Dexter

#198 I hope you get down voted so bad your comment gets buried. I know the storyline but it's still stupid to post shit like this when a lot of people still haven't gotten there.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Actually, many serial killers begin by killing animals as children, not just Dexter. I'm not jumping to any conclusions, but if it's not the first time the kid has killed an animal, get him some help. If it is the first time, just keep an eye on him... This FML is so terrible :(

yes, donkness, people do care. that is not normal behavior, those are early signs of a psychopath or killer.

Not just watch, PUT a security cam on him!

josiemorehouse 12

At 8 years of age, a child should be mature enough for a parent to not have to be in the same room at every waking moment, watching the kid, unless the kid is challenged in some way. I have a 14 year old and a 9 year old, and they are both smart and independent kids with excellent grades and awesome friends without me hovering over them and not trusting them to be alone for 5 minutes. OP, FY hamster's life. Find out why your son put him in the microwave. If he did it because it'd be funny, get that kid to therapy. If he sincerely didn't know, explain to him that it's torture and animal cruelty, which is against the law and horribly mean. Good luck OP.

Or, teach your kids what life and death are? And if he already knows how bad it is to take life away, then get him to Dr. Vogel ASAP to teach him the code.

nightowl713 25

#144- while a lot of kids should be able to be left unattended for short amounts of time at that age, obviously some can not, hence the FML. Just because your kids haven't done anything like that or remotely dangerous doesn't mean all kids are that way. I have a 7 year old I explicitly trust. He is insanely mature for his age. I also have a 9 year old nephew that would tear the house down if left alone for more than 10 minutes. And the point to saying watch your kids more or better, was that obviously the mother should have been aware that the child was in the kitchen with a hamster and a microwave. Accidents happen all the time without THAT horrible scenario, the stove and knives alone are dangerous. So yes. She should have been watching more closely.

draokc 9

@144. should be mature enough. obviously isn't... parenting skill check?

jazmin3012 28

Aww that's terrible! poor little guy

ThatOneGuy719 16

Are you talking about the son or the hamster? :O

I think she's referring to the microwave.

jazmin3012 28

the hamster, but it can apply to both as well

newnightsky 5

I heard sociopaths harm small animals as children & they'll also start to light things on fire. Don't let your house burn down...

Or the poor kid didn't know what was going to happen. My cousin once did this to their bird thinking it was cold. They were 7 at the time and didn't understand how a microwave worked.

jazzy_123 20

well psychopaths are born that way and sociopaths become that way somewhere along the line. So if a child is harming animals )I'm a way where its a concert) it's usually signs of a PSYCHOpath.

mychelle12 4

incorrect. neither one is "learned" along the way. and you have it twisted. sociopaths generally harm things smaller than them, ie animals, smaller children, etc.

Along with cruelty to animls, and lighting fires, many serial killers also wet the bed until an inappropriate age. Get your son help OP, the sooner the better.

drshn 22

#5 this is what happens when you watch a lot of movies and tv series like dexter.

Sociopaths try to find a reason to do harm, but psychopaths were born without empathy. Most psychopaths aren't murderers, but most sociopaths are. Basically an addition to what 71 said.

Oh dear. I never comment on here but here goes: psychopaths and sociopaths are the same thing. There is no criteria for the diagnosis which indicates they must torture small animals. What might is a lack of remorse. Don't believe me look it up in ICD-10. It's free (which is why I didn't point you towards dsm-v)

@94- Firstly, I do happen to adore Dexter. The show and the character both rock. Secondly, I was studying psychology long before Dexter even existed. Killing animals is one of the precursors to sociopathic tendencies- and if the kid wasn't intending to kill the hamster, therapy would still be useful after seeing the splat. If I were 8 and trying to keep my hamster warm and ended up killing it I'm sure I would have felt slightly traumatized.

Reminds me of the FML where the kid microwaved a spider and letting it bite him So that he would turn into Spiderman

#188, looking at your profile, I don't think you would have the knowledge to make that assumption.

225- Looking at your comment, I don't think you have the knowledge to grasp the idea that intelligent people often have a goofy and unique sense of humor. An assumption based on the fact that the death of a family pet can cause emotional turmoil in children holds more weight than an assumption based on judging a person's level of intelligence by glancing at their FML profile.

I instantly thought of eminem " as the world turns ".

titandesu 14

i want to ask if the hamster survived but it may be better off dead after that and god knows what else could happen with that kid :P

Not only did the hamster survive, it now has super-hamster abilities.

Ok this is going to sound ridiculous, but when my boyfriend was a toddler, he put his kitten in the microwave and started it (his toddler logic: "kitty looked cold and I wanted to warm him up") his dad ran over as he saw it but the microwave was on for a couple seconds apparently. That cat lived to be 21 (in human years). Died of natural causes. No super powers (unfortunately), but he was a sweetheart and a very smart cat... He'd come when you called him and played fetch.

my friend has a cat that is just like that real smart plays fetch. but we al don't think he's gonna live that long cause he's rapidly declining and he's clumsy as all hell. but he was a rescue cat from a meth lab. coolest cat ever

#176 love how your picture is of a cat. BTW getting new kitten soon ★★

jad0016 12

Today, my owner thought it would be funny to put me in the microwave and see what would happen. I'm a hamster. FML

Like eggs and bacon. Seriously though, this FML made me sad. Poor hamster.

Oh yeah, I bet fried hamster smells incredible