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Today, my fiancé told me that the thought of having sex with a pregnant woman repulsed him. I'm pregnant. He's glad he got that off his chest FML
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I guess from the new life inside you thing it makes sense, but I'm curious if he remembers how the baby got there in the first place?

I don't think he's going to be coming anytime soon


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Just be as sweet as possible, he'll come around before you know it.

I don't think he's going to be coming anytime soon

Some men think (at the beginning of the pregnancy, until you educate them) that it actually hurts the baby when you make love. Hopefully after lots of reassurance from you and a pregnancy book, he will come around. If not, damn! FYL.

It's fun to joke about "hitting" the baby during sex but there's so much padding and stuff in between the baby and the vaginga that the baby won't really notice.

Why on earth should she work on being sweet to him?? He's the one acting like a douche, therefor it's his attitude that needs adjusting.

I don't think it's about hurting the baby. The way OP worded it I think he is turned off by her pregnancy, probably her weight.

#10, I predict the countdown to a blow-job request has already started: 5... 4... 3...

The thought of having sex during pregnancy is weird considering you might hurt the baby or be ejaculating on the baby.

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114 - you are an idiot. go grab a book and educate yourself. thank you.

when dumb people try to sound smart. smh

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yeah that.... that would probably help..

That seems like a bad idea 2. Plus it's his son/daughter. Talk about creepy.

This comment is so disturbing. For one that's his child and your just a weirdo. A threesome with a midget in her stomach, really? You need to seek professional help if you really think there Is nothing wrong with your comment. -_-

Yes, because you obviously made a joke on a website where 90% of the people go for a few laughs you need to get help. You're very obviously insane. Weirdo. Geeze.

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However a threesome with a midget does sound fun. I wouldn't turn it down. Rather have it pop out of cupcake than her stomach though.

2, ignore these comments im going to get thumbed down but your comment made me laugh:)

18- While I agree with your comment, your bio states you try not to offend people, but you kinda went a little crazy on 2. Also 68, just don't admit your gonna get thumbed down. Even after you do in fact get thumbed down. There, now we can all be one happy community!

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Now I can't get the thought of that out of my head. I hope I forget this by the time I start having kids.

I laughed at 2's comment because IT WAS a JOKE, why so serious Internet dwellers?

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What a bunch of uptight people. 2's comment was funny.

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Yes. We all understand the comment was meant to be a joke. Only an absolute imbecile would think he is actually being serious. The comment is not just unfunny. It's retarded. A retarded failed attempt at a joke that earned the flack it received.

It's about a good a joke as Snooki will be a mom

What the hell is wrong with you?! It's a baby!?!

Great. An image of this popped into my head and will now forever be burned into my head. Thanks a lot.

I guess from the new life inside you thing it makes sense, but I'm curious if he remembers how the baby got there in the first place?

Im sure the baby was happy about hearing this. It doesn't want head trauma from the constant repetitive bumping and poking. Haha.

Yes because a penis going through a cervix is SO normal.

Of course he knows how it got there! A stork flew in the window, lit some candles for the wife, and the gently placed the baby inside her. At least, thats what my parent's always told me...

Stork? A bird brought me here! My mommy told me Santa Claus brought me as her Christmas present! Next thing you know you are going to tell me Santa isn't real!

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96 - I'm sorry but uhmm I think it's time

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He has no consideration for your feelings. Especially knowing how hormonal and emotional you will be. What a jerk OP. fyl

He has the right to have feelings too. It's good that he's letting OP know what's on his mind.

I agree... There aren't too many relationships where people are actually this open with their feelings/thoughts. Give him time he will come around. He could just act uninterested in you at all and not say why. Think about how much worse that would make you feel? Just explain that the sex actually feels Better while pregnant and he has nothing to worry about if he is worried about the baby.

What are you guys talking about? A man must do anything and everything for his pregnant girl, 'cause we all know men who don't are the worst.

Let us remember it's his choice if he chooses not to come around and that is absolutely okay too.

#53 is right. As he's just as entitled to his feelings as anyone else in the relationship. And if it so happens he's not down to getting funkay with you while your pregnant there's really not much you can do, and pressuring him would make him uncomfortable. That sucks though OP. Maybe later on in your pregnancy you might not even be interested in sex. Later in my term sex became painful for me.

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I'm sorry but unless you have been pregnant and know how unattractive you already feel and how stressful a pregnancy already is, your argument is invalid. Not only is feeling unattractive going to affect her, it affects the unborn child as well.

No matter how stressful being pregnant is, communication is ALWAYS a good thing.

Let me make sure I got this right. Men are pigs for using women as sex objects, but if a fiancé doesn't want to have sex with his pregnant wife, he is supposed to suck it up and be her sex object?

I agree, it was a messed up way of telling her his feelings. Yes communication is always a good thing, but did he seriously have to say she repulses him? He could have came up with a nicer way of letting her know how he feels, especially if HE got her knocked up in the first place. That would have brought me to tears if my man had said that to me while i was pregnant.

Lol, you must be really stupid for not understanding OP's husband. I mean, how would you feel about the idea that your dick is pushing against a baby? (I know it's not possible, but the idea makes them turned off) Or damaging it the unborn?

Does he find the thought of anything sexual repulsive, or just actual intercourse? If it's the latter, that leaves room for something at least :)

I wouldn't want to get intimate with a pregnant women either but that's because I feel like I'll hurt the infant.

65- Like, you're afraid to lance the fetus with your monster-sized sword penis? Or to violently shake it and cause some sort of damage? Babies grow inside a jelly sac filled with fluid. If it were really that easy to hurt the infant, childbirth would be a whole lot easier...

You can't hurt the baby. Pregnant sex is awesome. My wife is always much hornier when pregnant. Besides, there is no worry she might get knocked up - lol. To bad so many miss out for all those months.

He seriously doesn't want to have sex for 9 months? Actually, it'll be more than nine months...unless you plan on having sex the day after you give birth. I am thinking after even a couple weeks he will change his mind. If not, that's rather worrisome.

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Depends on the person and birth, but for some women it takes months for sex to feel good again. Gotta give things a lot of time to heal down there and tighten back up.

Hormones are crazy during pregnancy. It might make him want it more, regardless of the bun in the oven.

Wait, since when do male hormones fluctuate during pregnancy?

Hey, there's such a thing as sympathy cravings/cramps/pains that men experience, as well as the moodiness. Who's to say their hormones aren't effected during pregnancy?

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Tell him your baby isn't crazy about getting batted around in your uterus, either (ee).

The wording on this made me sad for the baby..D:

I'm in the same boat. :( You'll make it through. I doubt he can 9 months without getting any.

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He most likely would leave you...for being controlling...probably goes way back to your "daddy problems"...