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Today, during a major fight with my boyfriend, I threw a necklace he had given me out the window, thinking it was just a cheap trinket. He then told me, for the first time, that that necklace had belonged to his now deceased grandma. FML
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Never give that kind of stuff to girlfriends, save it for the wives.

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Wow, you really are an ungrateful bitch for doing that. It was just a fight.


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Not funny or interesting. Sure it's a FML but it doesn't satisfy me.

Let me guess, you threw the tantrum BECAUSE you thought it was just a cheap trinket?

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wow some respect 4 the things he gives u at least he does give u stuff cause some guys wont even do that!! bitch move honey...n the tantrums?? wat r u 5?! u throw things like that...i could understand if he cheated on u but then ur spose to throw things at him! not out the window!!! that was just stupid. YDI SO MUCH UR COMMENT ISNT EVEN WORTH PUTTING ON FML.COM CAUSE U DONT DESERVE ANY SYMPATHY FOR THAT!!!

YDI! It doesn't even matter if it was cheap or not! You shouldn't throw it in the first place!

#44, your comment isn't worth putting on because it's so badly written.

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yeah, #44...whenever i want sympathy, i post on fml.....

It would be a pwn if it wasn't posted, but in the end it's just a bad comeback ___________________________

Let's get physical, physical. I wanna get physical!!!

WTH!? YDI in every way possible. 1) for throwing a tantrum, like was mentioned before. 2) For dating a boyfriend who you would assume gets you "cheap trinkets" as gifts. Anyway, on another note, I didn't even realize you could open windows on a major flight...not even in the airports. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and not call this one a fake.

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She didn't say anything about a FLIGHT she said FIGHT.

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gizmo, it says major FIGHT, not flight. and woooow YDI. so what if its a big fight? even if it WAS something "cheap" you would think there would be some sentimentality behind it, whether its the story of how he got it, or something along those lines. not to jump to conclusions, but you're kind of a bitch.

LOL, wow, that was major reading fail on my part :) Either way, my two previous points still stand.

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#1 YDI because your a **** for throwing shit in the first place. #2 FYL for having a boyfriend that guilt trips you, with lies, it probaly was a cheap trinket. He would of told you i was from his grandmother. Your both disfunctional as a couple.

YDI for using "PROCEEDED" and eating cheerios while doing so

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YDI for being a super-bitch. You don't deserve him.

you make it sound like you couldnt just go out and get it from the yard... go on bitch search for it

You're gonna have to take it up the pooper to make up for that.

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182, its major FIGHT. not FLIGHT.

well, I thought it said flight at first too. but it doesnt matter, because like you said, the other two points are still valid. this is a YDI

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At #44: Are YOU five? Learn how to spell so others can understand what you are complaining about.

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# 142 ... you made me "lol" with your #2 statement...

Unless he cheated on her. If he had cheated on me, i would have shoved the necklace up his ass.

@260 You are a major grammar/spelling nazi, nobody really cares, it was very understandable and everything and you didn't had to spell everything out, I mean it was understandable. @OP: You f*cked up so badly, some person could be 40 years old and never have gone out with anyone and still know that you're an irate, pissy, and agressive beast for doing that. What was the "MAJOR" fight about anyways? I'd like to know.

dont say the "c" word to a girl ever you douche bag

If a girl is being a ****, she deserves to be called a ****, regardless of your opinion.

#44, I'd hate to be the one to tell you this, but we've diagnosed you as a /b/tard. GTFO. As for the OP, I'm afraid that I feel no empathy/sympathy for you. Please discard your most precious possession within the next 24 hours, or we will take your kidneys.

How was #44's comment /b/tard-esque at all? Jus' wonderin. :/

It's not even an FML this bitch just lost something she "thought" had no value and was a cheap trinket. Her boyfriend lost something very close to him. You're not the one who lost a family airloom because of your shallow materialistic (and jealous...) girlfriend YDI

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WTF is wrong with you, you crazy bitch!? F his life! YDI dumbass!

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He's not good enough for 4chan. If he was he'd be stuck in the ecchi section.

More girls need to agree with you, imo. ***** need to be called out.

you're stupid... I don't like you... at all..... who goes ape shit enough to throw a necklace out a window

i agree with 269 thts just wrong there are so many other words u culd use instead of tht so like get creative :}

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Wow, you really are an ungrateful bitch for doing that. It was just a fight.

I agree, she really overreacted It's not like he cheated _______________________

Never give that kind of stuff to girlfriends, save it for the wives.

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totally aggree with both of you.

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tooootally agree. my boyfriend gave me a necklace of his grandfather's and he told me right away so i would understand how special it is to him, and how special the gesture of him giving it to me is. there's no way your guy wouldn't have said something.

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My friend has given me what are essentially heirlooms as gifts. And I've been given expensive things from boyfriends. It's not entirely unheard of, if a bit foolish.

For a while I though ydi meant you dumb idiot (I know, I'm stupid) but I think that use would work well in this situation

ydi for not knowing it's the thought that counts; but assuming you guys have split up now, you should definitely go find it and pawn it.

smart thing to do but that's also a cold and heartless ****** up move.

paivarotti, are you the type of psycho that keys the cars of people that dump you, simply because they dumped you? I'm getting that vibe from your comment.

One fight and they break up? Doubt it, especially if the relationship was serious enough for him to give her the heirloom in the first place.. they can go find the necklace and she will respect it now, no doubt.


Wow, what a dumb bitch. We r fighting so lets fighting things out the window. How about you grow up? Maybe instead of yelling and throwing things(like a little girl btw) you calmy talk it out.

poor guy to waste his love on such a stupid bitch

its just a fight you didnt have to throw something out jeez.

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Looks like someone's going to go outside looking for a necklace!