By nothingdoes - 27/10/2010 17:59 - United States

Today, my dad asked me for a word that rhymed with vagina. He was filling out an anniversary card for my mom. FML
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perdix 29

A woman from North Carolina Strung catgut across her ****** With proper-sized cocks Her **** would play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Mina There are a few rhymes for you.


13Lina97 0

I know right? Freaky dad. lawl.

22cute 17

Op, please stop your Dad before he does something stupid on his anniversary.

Jessi2487 0

regina doesnt rhyme either.... jus sayin

You're just a little whine-a, because you live in Regina. You can't get any fine-a ...I totally can't think of anything else. Regina does rhyme, dumbass. "-ina"

Jessi2487 0

im just saying, my aunts name is Regina and it sounds nothing like ******. its pronounced Ree-geena..... or am i missing something? did this come from a movie or tv show? i dont watch much tv so please someone enlighten me

zakkyzebra 11

76. the capital of Saskatchewan is Regina. reh-jine-Uh!

Regina is pronounced : Ree-jaai-naa! Same as : Vaa- jaai-naa! I live in Canada so take my word for it.


oh how I love your ******, maybe I'll take it to china! haha there's a good one

Peytonlikesme 0

I dunno why, but that sounds like it'd be a funny poem... Would probably help if he could think of the whole thing himself. Collaborate for the sake of humour!

Draminicaus 0

It could even be that he just said that for ***** and giggles. *Shrugs shoulders* Either way, laugh, because that's funny as hell.

Peytonlikesme 0