By thjeltz - 27/10/2010 18:48 - Canada

Today, I was showering at hockey practice. It would have been business as usual, if not for one of my teammates playing with his junk and not-so-subtly asked me to connect. There are 5 more months of hockey. FML
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Fortuitous 0

I thought you score in hockey when you get the puck into the goal, not the stick.

bridgette5866 0

so y'all need to hide yo dick, hide yo balls, hide your dick, hide yo balls, and hide yo asshole cuz they rapin errbody in here


stay away from him..

depressedgamer 0

I like playing with myself in the shower and putting corn dogs in unnatural places.

yeah! five more months of rubbin' and lovin'! woo!

StJimmy117 0

come on, everybody knows that everything in the locker room is no-homo

31 I saw a video like that on YouTube. The guy was all like "Come on let me use the computer." "No man." "Come on. I'll let you ram me in the ass. No homo." It was ho la we us.

KingDingALing 9

"Yo, how big is yo dick? No homo though. You know, cuz I don't play dat homo shit. You know what I'm sayin?"

Shit I really dont get the whole no homo stuff. Anyways you should just arrange a friends with benifites operation with your new special buddy. No homo

ishama13 0

Gee, Jessi, I think I dun shoulda read the commenting rules before posting 'ere!

Jessi2487 0

By golly, Ishama, I think I shoulda done too! Oh lawdy lawdy!

Jessi2487 0

WTF???? i didnt post that!! Wee-woo-wee-woo-wee-woo!

KiddNYC1O 20

59- I know exactly what you're talking about. "You have thunder thighs. I'll suck you dry. No homo."

Haha plus one internets for the the drug dealer prank call reference king ding a ling

thatguy888 0

64: P.S. = post script

pwincessa23 1

Hope he doesn't "tie u to the radiator & Grape u in the mouth" hahahaha I love that video.

where's your locker room and why aren't i there? =[

I'm sure it was just a friendly request teammate to teammate. no homo.

words of a true faggot.

chuk_norris_fml 0

Hey guys, "no homo" was the word of the day today!!!

holy sh*t, I always made fun of a kid at cap who would say "no homo" I would be like "hey man let's have anal: no homo" and I never realized that that joke would become so popular

You have a new boyfriend! =]

Sun_Kissed18 25

yay! congrats :P Really, he was probably just joking around... I hope so

#79, the phrase "take a big load off" made me snicker. :) kudos

OP, I wish you would tell me what part of Alberta your from. I play hockey, and live in Alberta too... But anyways, don't worry OP, if you say no, the worst he will do is take pictures to masturbate too later.

I think I've seen u on YouTube?

Fortuitous 0

I thought you score in hockey when you get the puck into the goal, not the stick.

Hahahahaha. Nice one.

no he can drop, he just can't pick it up

yourlifesfucked 0

Wow. Hope the other team knows that he's being literal when he says they're gonna get raped...

goldiefox 0

what do you expect?! your with guys.....naked.....taking showers.....totally normal-ish except for the wanting to connect part!

Epic_Phale615 0

dude, you dont god damn play with your junk around guys. Ya you shower together for hockey and its not creepy when you get used to it, but playing with yourself in that situation is the complete opposite of okay.

goldiefox 0

yeah exactly! notice how I said everything is NORMAL-ISH except for the wanting to connect part...

goldiefox 0

the key word is NORMAL-ISH

Not normal... At all. You don't play with your junk while in the shower with other guys... Shower, get out. Nothing extra!!

Don't act like this doesn't flatter you...

SaintE_fml 0

oh you and your stronghand

Don't make me use it!

SaintE_fml 0

sorry I'm not looking for trouble:)

SaintE_fml 0

sorry, I'm not looking for trouble:)

^^^Connection made^^^

Fortuitous 0

I thought the point of hockey is to put the puck into the goal, not the stick into the goal.

asked to connect?

Use your imagination :x

on an intimate level...naked...two guys...

#13 I was thinkin the same thing. what does that mean!

I'm with 13 on this too.

get fucked up the ass

a.k.a hook up btw nice boys like girls shirt 13 

rofflewaffle 9

My first thought was docking. Literally connecting.

DevianceIsBliss 0

Suprise buttsex! But seriously. Don't bend over to get the soap. It's a trap.

wolftastic 0

why'd you tell him?! all my hard work is ruined..

admiral ackbar! it's a trap! it's a trap!

sweet_blasphemy 2

so....did you?