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  KaySL  |  24

S'up fuckers, I'm a flamingly homosexual rapper and I often get aroused at the sight of good-looking, oiled-up, naked men. I also solicit other homosexual men for sex on a regular basis and frequently masturbate to orgasm to gay porn. There's nothing sexier than a throbbing monster cock about to be inserted 15 inches deep into one of my random orifices. No fucking homo. Shit's weird, yo.

  MrSassypants  |  32

31 I saw a video like that on YouTube. The guy was all like
"Come on let me use the computer."
"No man."
"Come on. I'll let you ram me in the ass. No homo."

It was ho la we us.

  warpig182  |  0

Shit I really dont get the whole no homo stuff. Anyways you should just arrange a friends with benifites operation with your new special buddy. No homo

  poiuytjfffc  |  0

holy sh*t, I always made fun of a kid at cap who would say "no homo" I would be like "hey man let's have anal: no homo" and I never realized that that joke would become so popular

  TheOptimist  |  0

OP, I wish you would tell me what part of Alberta your from. I play hockey, and live in Alberta too...

But anyways, don't worry OP, if you say no, the worst he will do is take pictures to masturbate too later.

  Epic_Phale615  |  0

dude, you dont god damn play with your junk around guys. Ya you shower together for hockey and its not creepy when you get used to it, but playing with yourself in that situation is the complete opposite of okay.