By Anonymous - United States - Portland
Today, my husband discovered poking me in my belly button makes me have to pee, sometimes it's uncontrollable and happens immediately. He thinks it's hilarious and decided it's his new favorite game. FML
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  flockz  |  19

well, in pillsbury doughboy commercials, the doughboy always gets tickled in the bellybutton at the end, usually when the family is enjoying a bowl of rolls he just made. he doesn't pee himself necessarily, but when i hear someone getting tickled in the bellybutton, i remember those commercials, therefore my comment. if you have no idea who i'm talking about, then you don't know what a cinnamon roll is.

  gc327072  |  29

17- The pilsbury doughboy always gets tickled in those old commercials, usually in the belly button area, and sort of giggles. Flockz is humorously conjecturing that OP's husband tried to tickle her like the doughboy, thus this happened.

Edit: well, fuck.

  cristy91  |  33

You say "best punishment" though. A better punishment would be to try to piss on his shoes or something every time he does it. Stopping sex is not a nice thing to really do and, as said above, it's really a punishment for both.

  X_Codes  |  11

@30 - That may be true, but it would offer this couple the opportunity to grow up together.

In any case, if your husband doesn't respect your desire to not piss yourself, then there really are deeper problems with the relationship going on here.

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

I'm sorry but all you little girls make me laugh! Trust me, a better punishment WOULD be to piss on his shoe; if not have fun denying yourself pleasure. Woman shouldn't use sex a punishment, THAT is immature!

  writergirl23  |  19

I agree 67. As for 30, and withholding sex isn't even more immature? I make a point never to do that or put my husband on the couch even when I almost wanna kill him figuratively, because I love him and I know that it's just selfish to do that. However, he'd just laugh if I peed on his shoes.

  Iniezian  |  18

Personally, I don't ever understand how you girls can withhold sex, sometimes indefinitely, and still expect us to remain faithful.

Ever wonder why more men than women cheat? Here's one answer.

  NYC_Yoshi  |  3

5 - you're 15. What do you know about correctly handling a mature relationship? Any woman that uses sex to control her guy is asking for a poor relationship.

  xknightlightx  |  2

Stopping sex is really bad... It can start a negative cycle of lack of sexual trust or some other negative cycle. However, the guy sure has to be a moron/asshole to be so abusive. I Suggest screaming at the husband and letting him know that he should wake the hell up and stop trying to think of it so lightly whenin fact, it must hurt and sadden the woman. So ask him "do you like hurting me? Cuz that that's what you're doing" something like that ..

  enphinitie  |  20

I wouldn't say it's a good punishment but if someone purposely made me pee myself multiple times, I wouldn't want to have sex with them anytime soon anyways. I'd either be too grossed out or just mad in general, but that's just me..