By FirmlyInEngland - 17/09/2009 09:23 - United Kingdom

Today, the boy I have crush on at school announced that his family were moving to Australia. My friend thought that it would be funny to spread a rumour that I was moving too, in order to follow him. Everyone has heard it, and unfortunately everyone believes it, including him. FML
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BURN!! for real, tho... that's kinda funny and all, but your friend is a big douche.

How did the lad take it? Was he excited or creeped?



BURN!! for real, tho... that's kinda funny and all, but your friend is a big douche.

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In Soviet Russia, crushes follow you!

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Really? They make me want to kill that guy...

How did the lad take it? Was he excited or creeped?

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im guessing creeped out.. otherwise why would this be on FML? hahaha

Well everyone will soon figure it out when you don't actually disappear to Aus anyway, so no big deal.

YDI for sharing stories and feelings with your family and for not asking the boy out. CREEPER

YDI for sharing friend and feelings with your family and for not asking the boy out ???

wahoo! Australiaaaaaaaaaa (Y) Hate to say it, but he'll love it here!

Sure, if he loves thinly veiled intolerance of anything not christian and white he'll love it here.

Because we all know there's NOTHING ELSE to enjoy in Australia. Douche bag.

Considering your profile says that you live in Australia, it interests me why you have such a negative view of Australia. Your bad experience is definitely uncommon, considering Australia is known for its multicultural community.

Just becuse Australia is a multicultural community doesn't mean they accept who lives there. Australian's are racist!

Ahah , we Aussies are nothing but racists! We only accept those of our own cultural background, which completely contradicts the idea of multicultralism. but, nevertheless, Australia is an amazing place to live. the weather is amazing, the landscape is beautiful & once you've found you're little niche and the place you belong in, then everything is perfectt. I'd suggest to anyone planning on moving to another country to move to Australia (Y)

Your comment doesn't exactly encourage people to go there...

Mate I'm a white Aussie male from Melbourne. I don't follow any religion, 3 of my best mates are gay, sri lankan, and indian. Theres alot of people like me,

girl, you are out of wack!! I live in Sydney and go to school in the city, and my best friends are Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Korean, Aussie... one is half Iranian. My boyfriend is half Lebanese and New-Zealander. Speak for yourself, you sound like one of the terrible racists that doesn't deserve the opportunities that this beautiful country has to offer. Grow up

Iol Melbourne has the worst weather. nonetheless I love it here..

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I've heard rumors like "Austrailians hate Indians." I'm sure they are the same as the stereotypes about Americans, like we are all fat, idiot, George W Bush loving assholes. It is only true for a small percentage and is only well known because the media focuses on them. So don't listen to the stereotypes you here about Austrailians, they are probably mainly wrong aswell.

australia's pretty cool to live in just don't go to Tasmania and it's all good but we're far from racist our government gives them everything they could ever want and they still complain about us, Australian government needs to get in to gear and start treating them the same as they treat Aussie born Australians, especially the illegal immigrants

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apparently the OP is a well known creeper if the rumour spread that quickly, and was actually believed.

Not really... S/He might as well be a hated lad (those that the whole school hates for stupid or unknown reasons)... Those guys get the largest piece of shit cake.