By fieldmarshalclitter - United States
Today, to scare my little brother I dressed up as the killer from the Scream movies. The outfit was a little too long on me, and I ended up falling down the stairs. Not only was he doubled over laughing, but so were the people in the emergency room. FML
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Honestly I don't have a brother. But if I did, I would not want to scare him. Instead I would spend my whole childhood with him and enjoy life oppose to scaring him and making him angry.

  Parky03  |  9

49-When your young, it doesn't work like that for siblings. They're usually arguing and fighting as children. Don't say that if you can't relate. And yes, I can relate.

  pmadNess  |  14

11- I hate "grammar nazis", but I must say, I agree!!!! If they are going to criticize, get it correct...
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