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  EmmyGrangerDC  |  0

Actually, 183, starting a sentence with 'and' is grammatically correct. It's only kindergarten through 5th grade teachers that tell you not to do that because it annoys the shit out of them.

  capnbzarr  |  43

Yeah, I was all set to click "I agree, your life sucks" until she mentioned it wasn't the first time, then I went straight to "YDI". OP, you must teach people how to treat you. You let the Fuckinator act fly once, so of course he's gonna think you don't mind.

  isis_morrigan  |  18

do I have a sense of humor? why yes, I do. However, ts obvious that op isn't fond of robitic voices and the fuckinator in bed, so i offered my advice, and in my experience, men are usually quite thick headed, and it takes something a bit extremem to make a point.