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Today, my husband and I were about to have sex. As soon as I got on top, he started speaking in a robot voice, then demanded that I call him "The Fuckinator." FML
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Should of told him he better last as long as a machine then

The Fuckinator would make pretty awesome name for a vibrator.


Should of told him he better last as long as a machine then

*Should have. What do you think the "ve" in should've stands for?

Some brainiacs don't realise it's should've in the first place.

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#117- Jesus*, I hate grammar nazis too! Why don't they just mind there own business.

Hey 141. *ignorant. It's spelled differently in different places.

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Ok guys, we know what each other meant. Lay off each others asses, can ya? It's not English class, ok? Ok. Thanks:)

Wait this isn't English class? *slowly puts away english book

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Stop correcting other people's grammar. People don't come on her to get corrected for not writing their instead of there.

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Wow ju guyz is smurt, dont cha tink (have fun correcting me :) :p)

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you* guys* smart* don't* ya* think* Thanks! That was fun! :D

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168- ... Lol. "Is" should be "are". Don't forget about that!! :) Oh! And a comma after "Wow".

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181- You shouldn't begin a sentence with "and"!

Actually, 183, starting a sentence with 'and' is grammatically correct. It's only kindergarten through 5th grade teachers that tell you not to do that because it annoys the shit out of them.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a site to correct. it's to be funny an stupid. Get a life.

Actually 'ya' isn't a word so it would be 'you' stupid grammar nazi:D

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you missed, "wow." It is suppose to be (Wow,)*

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No, she obviously thought it was hot & pounced on top of him, making passionate love, putting it on FML for the world to see.

Tell him you want him to drain your fluids lol

Sometimes you have to know when not to post...

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That's just so weird.. On so many levels..

*robot voice* please **** *beep boop* me. Does this *beep* do it for *boop* you? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

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"Please insert crotch onto mine for maximum pleasure. Beep boop"

CaptainPickles72 18

Look hard enough, you'll probably find a **** about robots/mechs having sex. Those Japanese are crazy when it comes to Gundam!

Hahah I immediately thought he'd say something like 'initiate fornication' in a Dalek's voice.

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I wonder if he got it from the "shermenator"

isis_morrigan 18

Easy fix, explain that if he wants to have sex, he's gotta drop the fuckinator. If he persists, get dressed, and tell him the fuckinator can do self maintenance!

A little rough for having a sense of humor in bed don't you think?

Yeah, I was all set to click "I agree, your life sucks" until she mentioned it wasn't the first time, then I went straight to "YDI". OP, you must teach people how to treat you. You let the Fuckinator act fly once, so of course he's gonna think you don't mind.

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Do you have a sense of humor? At all?

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do I have a sense of humor? why yes, I do. However, ts obvious that op isn't fond of robitic voices and the fuckinator in bed, so i offered my advice, and in my experience, men are usually quite thick headed, and it takes something a bit extremem to make a point.