By notinterested - 13/09/2011 10:11 - United States

Today, my husband dropped his pants and said, "Why don't you go down and say hello." This is his idea of foreplay. FML
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"Sorry, my mom told me not to put small objects in my mouth. I could choke."


"Sorry, my mom told me not to put small objects in my mouth. I could choke."

Alex94xela 0

LOLOLOL I think op should help him out though

Caution: This product contains small parts which may lead to choking or other serious health problems. Not suitable for children under 18.

Technically isn't a ******** foreplay? What foreplay do you usually have for foreplay?

the ******* is not what's wrong but the invitation to it is.

People really don't need to post that they enjoy another comment, it's a bit annoying

perdix 29

As soon as you bring the mother-in-law into this, it usually kills the mood faster than saltpeter.

Saltpeter is the worst thing ever. 36 hours without an erection after ingesting....absolutely awful.

Yeah but typically this isn't how it's initiated.. What kinda guys do you date?

96- I really enjoyed your comment btw. It was great.

ItsApril 0

Ha ha sounds like my husband. His "invitation" is to look over and say "I'm gonna **** you". I think it's funny.

You're no fun. Just bc he wanted a ******* doesn't mean he didn't plan on returning the favor

Haha, I could see my husband saying something like that loll. Just be a trooper and go down, then just ask for the same favor in return. Its a win win situation! ;)

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If you're not remotely in the mood it's not a win win situation. It's just another miserable chore then.

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"honey can you do the chores for me please?" "great now i have to suck your dick, again."

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@66 or you could tell him to get you in the mood. Not that difficult.

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Now everyone is going back to the top of the page to see what the name is. Thumb this up if you did!

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i didnt thumb up anyone im a rebel.

Are you able to talk with a mouth full of ****?

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146- I don't care if you can talk, hum, whistle, or smoke a cigarette with a dick in your mouth. Don't even talk to me until you can sing the National Anthem in perfect pitch while deepthroating a **** covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Start singing that one beetles song. "Hello, hello hellooooo, I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello."

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Or the doors: Hello, I love you, won't you tell me tour name. Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game.

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Yes, I did, but by the time I noticed the **** up, it was rather too late. In my defence, it was very early in the morning here in the central time zone.

Did you do as you were told? If you didn't, that is the only problem I have with this situation.

Both of you make me want to club a baby seal.

Reall, that's all? Both of them make me want to club a baby. I'm not violent.