By notinterested - 13/09/2011 10:11 - United States

Today, my husband dropped his pants and said, "Why don't you go down and say hello." This is his idea of foreplay. FML
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"Sorry, my mom told me not to put small objects in my mouth. I could choke."

"No thanks, I have a small nut allergy"


"Sorry, my mom told me not to put small objects in my mouth. I could choke."

lmfao nice one #1

transcedental 18

smooth xD

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LOLOLOL I think op should help him out though

Why'd you marry him YDI

Caution: This product contains small parts which may lead to choking or other serious health problems. Not suitable for children under 18.

Nice !! good one

xSniperx_fml 5

LOL I lol'd

Technically isn't a blow job foreplay? What foreplay do you usually have for foreplay?

the blowjob is not what's wrong but the invitation to it is.

"No thanks, I have a small nut allergy"

People really don't need to post that they enjoy another comment, it's a bit annoying

perdix 29

As soon as you bring the mother-in-law into this, it usually kills the mood faster than saltpeter.

Saltpeter is the worst thing ever. 36 hours without an erection after ingesting....absolutely awful.

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21- your no fun!

#1 this was genius.

Yeah but typically this isn't how it's initiated.. What kinda guys do you date?

Your annoying.

96- I really enjoyed your comment btw. It was great.

Bhahhahaha really good one!!!

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Ha ha sounds like my husband. His "invitation" is to look over and say "I'm gonna fuck you". I think it's funny.

#1 is pure win

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I'm thirsty now. :p

You're no fun. Just bc he wanted a blowjob doesn't mean he didn't plan on returning the favor

conholio33 28

Best comment ever

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Sounds fun....

Haha, I could see my husband saying something like that loll. Just be a trooper and go down, then just ask for the same favor in return. Its a win win situation! ;)

ReynshineCutting 10

If you're not remotely in the mood it's not a win win situation. It's just another miserable chore then.

flockz 19

"honey can you do the chores for me please?" "great now i have to suck your dick, again."

ItsApril 0

@66 or you could tell him to get you in the mood. Not that difficult.

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i love op's name

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Now everyone is going back to the top of the page to see what the name is. Thumb this up if you did!

flockz 19

i didnt thumb up anyone im a rebel.

This isn't youtube.

That sucks ...

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what a dick

what a muchachos


But she doesn't

Ouch, what a pun. :P

Well you are what you eat.

Well you are what you eat.

Octain 13

I see what you did there ;)

what's the problem here?

22cute 17

Idiots, apparently you must be one

Are you able to talk with a mouth full of cock?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's a breeze for the adept.

146- I don't care if you can talk, hum, whistle, or smoke a cigarette with a dick in your mouth. Don't even talk to me until you can sing the National Anthem in perfect pitch while deepthroating a cock covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Start singing that one beetles song. "Hello, hello hellooooo, I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello."

transcedental 18

Or the doors: Hello, I love you, won't you tell me tour name. Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game.

MrBoredGuy 1

I think you mean The Beatles

Yes, I did, but by the time I noticed the fuck up, it was rather too late. In my defence, it was very early in the morning here in the central time zone.

Oh, The Beatles. :D

Did you do as you were told? If you didn't, that is the only problem I have with this situation.

I agree :/

Both of you make me want to club a baby seal.

Reall, that's all? Both of them make me want to club a baby. I'm not violent.

transcedental 18

sh*t. :/