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Today, I corrected my mom in front of our family while she was ragging on my 12 year old cousin who got a piercing. She said, "You don't understand you don't have kids, but on the other hand you probably never will!" I have Polycystic ovary syndrome, she is right, I probably never will. FML
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Your mom is a bitch. One of my old friends has Polycystic Ovary syndrome. I'm sorry to hear that you have it too =(


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lol these FMLs are so sad. Im sorry about your condition, and your mother is a bitch for making fun of something you can't control. On the other hand, you could always adopt!!!

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PCOS usually makes it hard to get pregnant, but now with In-Vitro and fertility drugs you can get pregnant. Especially with in-vitro, her uterus is still perfect. Then of course the adopting thing, she can totally adopt. I find the OP is being a drama queen.

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thats still a little bit harsh tho

Umm, no. Maybe in some contexts, but when you're ragging on a family member for something absolutely retarded I'll correct you

do you know how expensive in-vitro is..? and the success rate is about 50%

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wow her mom makes a joke about the OP not being able to have kids and you call her a drama queen for being upset about it? Do you know how expensive it is to use in-vitro?!

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YDI. That syndrome is caused by being obese or smoking.

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No it isn't. I am neither obese or a smoker and I have the same thing.

Perhaps you should do some research before making very stupid and completely false claims. PCOS is a chronic condition that a lot of women are born with. It has absolutely nothing to do with smoking, and is not caused by obesity. In fact, PCOS is the CAUSE of obesity amongst the majority of women who have it. And if you want to challenge this information, go right ahead; but be warned, you'll probably run the risk of looking like an imbecile because I, too, have been diagnosed with PCOS and have been living with it for over 5 years, so I understand the logistics of the disease. Grow up, honey.

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I have researched it because I have three, or six cysts, I don't remember exactly. I suppose I must've gotten my sources all wrong then?

Horribly wrong. Usually you're overweight BECAUSE of PCOS (type 2 diabetes is a very common side effect), being overweight doesn't cause it. I'm over 20 lbs underweight and my doctors kept running tests for it because I was displaying so many other symptoms, but thankfully I just have plain old ovarian cysts. If I recall from what I was told about it, it's caused by an excess of androgens, not lifestyle factors.

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What the hell you're trying to tell me that you have a disease that your mother doesn't know about that is as serious as to cause you to not have kids? im calling bullshit on this one i don't know anyone that has a life-threatening disease that their own mother doesn't know about. If this is the case then **** your life indeed

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It isn't life threatening? It just makes it very difficult to conceive a child

it's not a life-threatening disease. it's just inconvenient and makes having babies more difficult. and if you read it properly, you would see that her mom IS aware of her condition

there are other side effects and trust me it's not awesome!!!

aww that really sucks! this is a true fml. your mom has problems

to a woman who wants a child so bad, the money doesn' tmatter.. and 50% is ALOT for someone in such a position.

Oh, and by the way, if you have it, chances are your mom has it too. And if she doesn't, then your dad is probably a carrier, and his mom had it. So, people with PCOS in your family have had kids before, so it isn't impossible for you to have them.

It's not caused by smoking and it's also a hereditary disease.

ditto. it's caused by genetics. a LOT of women in my family have it. My cousin has some severe PCOS; the doctors deemed her infertile, and now she has two teenagers. My best friend's mother actually had to get an ovary removed, and the one ovary that was left spawned four kids. Not all hope is lost, OP. =] although, suffering the same thing, I feel for you. the HAIR, oh man. xD

I want a kid that bad... Money isn't an object... except for the fact I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY! Where am I supposed to pull it from? My want of a child? 'Hi Doctor, I don't have any money, but will you take my payment in emotional want?'

You missed an awesome fringe benefit: barebacking! Eat your heart out, Durex!

ydi for getting 3 or 6 must be obese or smoke then. also, ydi for trolling =] that was in reply to 97, btw

I'm 22 and I also have POS... and had to be put on the pill because metformin makes you so fertile... think before you post things like this... POS is not a big problem if you deal with it... try doing research instead of spending time pitying yourself and going on FML

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if you have seen the orphan then you will know, adopting=bad idea!!!

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you could be a hooker to, yea!

my aunt had that and she had a baby boy not long ago it is always posible don't keep leting ur self down there is such things as maricels

Um, no, it's ******* not. It's caused by hormonal imbalances. You CAN get it from being overweight, but you can also get it from being underweight or not eating enough. And smoking? WTF? Do some research, asshole.

Um, no. The actual abbreviation is PCOS. I would know seeing as I have it.

Wait, a lot of people are saying it's hereditary? I'm confused because I have it and my gynecologist told me it was because not eating enough when I was 14 or so screwed with my hormones. Anyway, OP, it's not that bad. You can probably have kids, it'll just be a little harder for you.

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Yea but not every girl in the world wants to take drugs to get pregnant.

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Not true. U have a friend who was born with the same issue.

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you got burned by your mother that sucks for you...

I agree, this is no fml, your condition was the whole point of the joke. Lighten up, OP.

I don't think it's fair for her mum to 'joke' or for her to 'lighten up' about the fact she may never have kids.

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Holy shit your mom is an ass get ******* emancipated.

Your mom is a bitch. One of my old friends has Polycystic Ovary syndrome. I'm sorry to hear that you have it too =(

uhh, just because you have PCOS doesn't mean you'll never have kids. try doing some research.

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which is why she said she "probably never will" . try rereading .

Uh she said "probably" won't have kids. Try reading the post.

and also, it depends on each person with PCOS whether or not they have difficulty getting pregnant. for some people it isn't really a problem, and for others it makes it very very difficult. so unless you know the person who posted this you don't really know what you're talking about.

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You try learning to read. The rest of us will do our research. ;-)

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Try not being an asshat! I have PCOD (it's now considered a disorder. Not a syndrome) & I've had 11 miscarriages. It was within the first month each time & I never knew I was pregnant. I will never have kids. My mother also had it & had to have a full hysterectomy at age 23. MOST women that have PCOD will never have kids. How about YOU try doing some research.

I'm sorry she was so insensitive. the things some parents say really shock me