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Today, my husband called me in the middle of the morning. He was in jail and wanted me to bail him out. Not only was he stupid enough to go drunk drag-racing with his buddies, their route took them straight past the front of the local police precinct. FML
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Please don't have children with this idiot. Genes as stupid as those need to stop spreading..

Shouldnt bail him out. He needs to learn from his stupidity.


Please don't have children with this idiot. Genes as stupid as those need to stop spreading..

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Hope OP doesn't bail him out. He deserves some "vroom" to his butt

If OP's husband had posted this incident as an FML there would be a lot more YDI..

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My question is did op know he was this dumb when she married him? If so then she shouldn't be surprised. Op leave his butt in jail for a day or two so you can work on your "I am so disappointed in you" face.

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Why does everyone hate the Prius ... Oh yeah I hate it too.

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Kia's are for straight men.

"You were drag racing in a prius?" reply: "I don't win a lot..."

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It's a quote from Horrible Bosses. Loved that part. And personally, I love my Prius.

"Its like a tampon on wheels". Other guys.

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Then the drag race would have reached a maximum speed of 36mph.

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Thanks for that stinky, well done.

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Shouldnt bail him out. He needs to learn from his stupidity.

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Yeah and it is strong in this one.

This guy knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. Although, I wouldn't bail him out. He can learn from his very idiotic mistakes.

Double thumbs up. Fun as it sounds, there are just some things you CAN'T do without repercussions.

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With that level of idiocy, I think OPs husband is better off in jail indeed.

Is it wrong that I think you should let him stay there for a night? Maybe that would scare some sense into him.

Yeah the scared straight program for adults.

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Something tells me he won't be scared "straight" if he's in jail.

Well this guy obviously isnt a pussy. So a few days in a county jail probably wouldn't do much.

He might have thought he was a hobbit going past Isengard. "The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm! It's the last thing they'll expect."

If you couldn't tell, I was watching LOTR2 when I posted that lol

You married him and his stupidity. Happiness to the both of you...

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He deserves to be in jail for the night! I cant believe someone could be that dumb.

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^ do you want a cookie? Just the thumb up would have sufficed. 10-Lots of people are that dumb unfortunately...somehow natural selection allowed it...

Wait! If I thumb her up do I get a cookie? Or were you joking?

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I'll give you a cookie! Free cookies for everyone!!

Thank you! I'm always down for some cookies.

Damn 82 she threw you under the bus haha

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I bet it was something like "I bet you don't have the balls to drag race in front of the police".....well we can see how it ended

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Or maybe they were too drunk to pick a route that didn't include the PD.

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I hope, for your sake, you don't have any kids with him. At some point, we all have to grow up. Apparently he hasn't reached that point yet.